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The Internet has Discovered Pistol Pete in all his Glorious Forms

Social media has learned about Pete in his many forms, and can’t stop talking about it

Boise State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

When Viktor Hovland won low amateur at the Masters on Sunday he wasn’t the only one that got some screen time with Tiger Woods. Swingin’ Pete was front and center and some national sports writers took notice.

The Ringer’s Rodger Sherman was the first to notice the awesomeness that is Pistol Pete swinging a golf club.

Pistol Pete cares not for your golf course dress code.

This turned into a thread of people commenting with different versions of Pete and what their favorite was. Bill Connelly of SB Nation made this discovery...

He rocks Tennis Pete on occasion.

Sherman is fond of this idea.

Wrestling Pete got a lot of love.

Bass fishing Pete joined the party.

So did Dr. Pete. (Although something tells me he’s not actually a doctor. )

There’s what has been deemed self care Pete.

It has now been discovered that this is for the Atherton.


Prosthetic leg Pete.

Pete apparently grew up on a rough neighborhood...

We got baseball Petes and rodeo and equestrian Pete.

Construction management Pete...

We got flying Pete...

Fire fighter Pete...

The least we forget... Chef Pete used by OSU Dining Services.

All of this talk got USA Today’s George Schroder and SBNation’s Bill Connelly on board for rocking Pete!

Update: We’ve had pineapple Pete brought to our attention and it's awesome. He's the mascot of the Hospitality school!

With all this national attention we reached out to Pistol Pete for comment. Unfortunately he was unable to comment as he is a mascot and not able to talk.

Comment below with your favorite version of Pete!