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Social media reacts: Eddie Sutton denied entrance into Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame

Once again the hall of fame caliber coach was denied entrance to the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Sutton has over 800 wins in his career as a college coach. His list of accolades is a mile long. His signature is scribbled across the white maple hardwood inside Gallagher- Iba Arena. The only accomplishment left for Sutton to cross off his list is entrance into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame. Once again, Sutton was denied that honor by the selection committee.

Sutton won 368 games at Oklahoma State and took the Cowboys to the Final Four twice. Many in the college basketball community were stunned upon the announcement that Sutton would not be inducted this year. He has been a finalist six times but is still waiting to be inducted. Check out some of the best reaction to the news.

“The only coach with over 800 D-1 wins not in the HOF” says it all.

Oklahoma State and the Big 8/ Big 12 conference would not be the same without Eddie Sutton. The Hall of Fame isn’t the same without him either.

This sums up what I am thinking. It’s obvious the selection committee is biased and the selection process is flawed. That takes away so much credibility away from the accomplishment. What’s the point of having a hall of fame if it doesn’t include one of the best college coaches to ever do it?

Eddie Sutton made as many Final Four appearances as Homer Drew had tournament wins but alright.

Maybe the worst part about all of this is, when Sutton finally is inducted, will it be an enjoyable day? The recognition and support he has received from Cowboys, Sooners, Jayhawks, and college basketball fans alike means more than getting inducted will. That’s easy for me to say because I’m not the one getting inducted, but when he does get inducted, it’ll have a fake feel to it. The board clearly doesn’t want him in. This whole event with Sutton takes away credibility from the accomplishment, and that is a travesty.

As Cowboys Ride For Free’s Phillip Slavin put it, “tonight’s podcast will be NSFW” and “if tonight’s episode is how I go out, it’ll be a glorious ending.”