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High Noon Highlights(5/8): Football scheduling, freshman tennis players manages pressure

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a placed to catch up with everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

Missouri State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Robert Allen on Oklahoma State’s non-conference schedule:

Robert Allen with Go Pokes highlighted how the non-conference scheduling has changed since Deputy Athletic Director Chad Weiberg came into the picture. Allen points out that Weiberg has gotten Gundy to take on some conference opponents that he wouldn’t have in the past. He also goes through the first season that Oklahoma State has a spot in, 2023, and picks who he wants to fill in the spots that are left.

I’m sure that Mike Gundy would prefer an easy opener leading into the trip to Tempe to play Arizona State, but how about one of my northern opponents starting with Army, as many of the cadets will be fresh off of summer West Point assignments and likely not in complete football condition. Then the other opponents that I prefer that have open dates on their schedule for Sept. 2 include Michigan State, Northwestern, and Notre Dame. Let’s get the Irish into Stillwater to open the season and there are plenty of return options to South Bend in later seasons as you will see. {}

Freshman Cowgirl Tennis players deals with pressure:

Catherine Gulihur didn’t have the childhood of most growing up. In this fantastic feature on her, The Stillwater Newpress’ Jason Elquist how the growing up with athletic parents and being a military brat shaped her.

Her athletic ability became a way for her to create new friends and avoid becoming an outcast whenever her family moved.

“It really did help expand my social circle, because if I had just been moving place to place without sports, I feel like I would have been much more of a loner or like an outcast,” Gulihur said. “But with sports, I immediately came in and I established, ‘Hey, I’m a jock! And here to do what I do!’ And became a team captain and rolled with that. Everywhere I went, that’s just how it felt to me.”

And now it has landed her in Stillwater with a unique opportunity for a top program that has annually found itself in the top 15 of collegiate women’s tennis.

“She’s a well-rounded athlete and when you look at her, she’s the best athlete that we have as far as body type and the things that she can do,” Cowgirl coach Chris Young said. “She just has to grow into it. She’s still raw. That’s the type of player we’ve taken some chances on here at Oklahoma State and developed them and molded them.” {Stillwater Newspress}

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