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Hoops Recruiting: AAU finals edition part one

Boynton and company have been unloading so many offers we had to split it into two articles.

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Head Coach Mike Boynton and his staff have been Biz-ay on the recruiting trail, handing out a veritable armful of offers to prospects. There has been nine (!!!) offers since our last recruiting update, in large part due to recent live period where coaches across the nation flock to national AAU tournament finals.

We’ve split these offers into two posts, with part one focusing on the near future, i.e. 2020 and 2021 offers.


Jalen Bridges

The latest offer to a promising 2020 class prospect went to a four-star talent out of West Virginia; Jalen Bridges. Bridges is another talented, long wing that shoots the lights out. He’s currently predicted to stay close to home at fellow Big 12 school West Virginia.


JT Thor

One of the biggest headliners in the 2021 class is forward JT Thor. Originally from Alaska, he’s only been playing basketball for five years, but has very quickly asserted his talent and risen up to become the 12th ranked player in his class.

I’m not sure if this is a real possibility, or just the Pokes feelin’ themselves after taking the apparent lead on some top national talent, but this is another program trajectory-altering talent. We could all use some of this in our hoops lives:

Carlous Williams

Williams, a 6-foot-6 forward from Gulfport, Mississippi, is a newer arrival to the recruiting scene, which makes sense as the 2021 class still has some time to get discovered (and then some players are just late bloomers). This is evident in his lack of recruiting profiles, but I did find this from MaxPreps.

This offer that shows the advanced scouting work the Cowboys’ staff is putting in. Williams’ seems to have offers from a handful of SEC schools, but as his recent emergence would suggest, his recruitment is just now starting to pick up. Getting in on the ground floor of top talent — something Coach Boynton is done very well — is big for the Pokes as they look for every edge in order to build the program.