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Oklahoma State football: 2019 season predictions

The staff picks their wins and losses for the Cowboys in 2019.

With kickoff just a few hours away, our staff made some predictions for Oklahoma State’s upcoming season. There’s a lot of possibility so take a look at what they had to say!

Robert Whetsell

I like to look at an upcoming season based on my “expectations” of the program vs what I “expect” them to do. Given the state of the Big 12 in 2019 and the overall talent level in Stillwater, I see no reason the Cowboys shouldn’t win at least nine games and be competitive in three losses to the only teams bringing high expectations into their seasons. Will I be disappointed in some results...probably, but I will also be pleasantly surprised by some results (let’s hope that is either a win in Austin or Bedam...or maybe both!). I fully expect OSU to blow out some opponents and not get blown out in any losses. I will end with this overly optimistic assessment...this team is capable of winning every game on its schedule.

Phillip Slavin

When you go looking for OSU’s fourth loss, it comes down to four toss-up games; Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU and WVU. Looking at those, Baylor coming off a bye week at Homecoming is a game Gundy usually wins. The Cowboys tend to win a game or two as a dog, and I think TCU will be favored against them when we get to game time. OSU tends to lose one game they shouldn’t, something both WVU and Tech fall into. Considering it usually happens early, I’m going with Tech for that fourth loss. I like Bowman and Yost together and could see them pulling off an upset on a wild night in Lubbock.

Joel Penfield

Since the schedule came out, I’ve been thinking that Oklahoma State is an 8-4 team this year. They should start off 3-0 with wins over Oregon State, McNeese State, and Tulsa. For some reason, I feel like the Cowboys will go down to Austin and beat Texas. Mike Gundy has a blueprint to beat Texas in some fashion, and I have an inkling that they’ll do it again. Here come the losses though, I think the game at Texas Tech will be tough and they drop one there. Iowa State is legit, and if Brock Purdy is anything like he was last year, they could boatrace Oklahoma State. TCU will be a knockdown, dragout, ugly game that they win in Stillwater. Lastly, Oklahoma will continue to beat Oklahoma State. I have told myself I’m never going to pick the Cowboys in Bedlam until they have won five out of seven against the Sooners. Until then, I’ll expect a loss.

Brandon Cain

Gundy and Gleeson seem like FedEx guys, so let’s say they go with Sanders more because Brown can only you get you so far. Gleeson delivers on a fat man TD, whether that’s passing or receiving, I don’t know, but it’ll happen I hope. OSU will stumble at Texas Tech thanks to the play of Alan Bowman and an improved defense under coordinator Keith Patterson. Utah State’s defense with Patterson was better than Tech had in the past decade. Coming off the bye, the Cowboys will beat a tough Baylor team and have a Purdy good upset at Iowa State, who have the looking ahead narrative written all over them with Oklahoma up next. TCU’s defense will stifle OSU offense to send the Cowboys into their second bye week with a 6-3 record. The rest of the season goes as expected. OSU loses its bowl game.

Micah Allen

I see there being two games Oklahoma State definitely loses. Iowa State and OU. There’s likely going to be a third, I just couldn’t decide what game it was gonna be. So you’ll see on the chart I only have two losses, but I know I’m probably wrong. I feel confident that this year will be better than the last. I think we’ve gotten some stuff figured out and Gundy has that fire under the team again. I think we win some nailbiters this season.