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Game Notes: Oklahoma State vs. Texas

Cowboys finally get some offense, but no stops when they need them.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Cowboys made their first shot... and it was called off for traveling. When it rains it pours.
  • When the announcers said Texas was off to a fast start with five points in five minutes... well it gives you an idea of how these teams have been playing offense.
  • I had a thought before the game that I would trade a little defense for some offensive and in a way, they did. The Cowboys made an obvious effort to push the ball more in transition but it mostly led to missed layups instead of missed threes early on.
  • The refs calling the game very tight. Obviously not the WVU crew. They especially love to call walks.
  • The Longhorns made an open three off a terrible fumbled pass. When it rains...
  • Thomas Dziagwa looked healthy and man did the Pokes need it. Run stuff to get him open looks every time you don’t shoot a dunk.
  • Boynton injected the Boones early for some energy after trying Anderson and Hidde and it seemed to definitely provided a spark.
  • The Cowboys made an easy layup... and it was called off after a horrendous charge call. When it rains...
  • Avery omg
  • Finally some life to this team and GIA. Can’t believe I’m saying that after a 25-point half, but hey, progress.
  • The bench (freshmen) outscored the starters 17 to 8. More than double. Their energy (and maybe their lack of knowing better) was a major shot in the arm.

  • Same starters in the second half. I expected this, but... first sub takes less than a minute. Kalib Boone for a three-foul, zero-point Yor Anei.
  • Lindy finally makes a shot... after the whistle
  • Oklahoma State finally has some energy and then Texas randomly decides they can shoot. Ugh.
  • What kind of technical gives you a single free throw and no possession? Weird.
  • Every time we have positive momentum this season it seems like there’s a timeout to disrupt it. I know this is more of a college basketball in general problem, but when things are going poorly it feels like everything is working against you.
  • Kalib Boone with so. much. energy.
  • Aaaaand an open three for Texas... energy drained.
  • I think it’s has happened three times this game that the Cowboys have built some heavy momentum that’s stymied by a wide-open Texas three. Not ideal.
  • How many 1-and-1 front ends have we missed during this stretch? Five? Ten? Nine-thousand?
  • LINDY! Gallagher-Iba trying to breathe a little fire...
  • Aaaand another wide-open three.
  • And another. Back to sleep GIA.
  • Cowboys finally score some points but can’t get a stop when they need it. Remember when I said trade a little defense for offense? Need a little more value on that trade.
  • Cam McGriff, one of the only consistent FT shooters this year, cannot hit a FT. When it rains...

At least there was a little more energy today, but the defense can’t relax that much. Different path, same result. Cowboys still searching for answers and a Big 12 win. 7-0 feels like seasons ago.

Next up is... #2 Baylor in GIA on Saturday.