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High (After)Noon Highlights(1/27): A.J. Green Improves draft stock at Reese’s Bowl

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

Kansas State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It’s high (after)noon...

A.J. Green improves draft stock:

Over the weekend, former Oklahoma State cornerback A.J. Green played in the Reese’s Senior Bowl. He played for team south and caught the eye of one writer for Bleacher Report.

A.J. Green lined up across from South team wide receivers this week and accepted the task of physically dominating his opponent at the line of scrimmage. His 6’1”, 200-pound frame allowed him to rock players off the line of scrimmage with his length and power.

He won’t be for every team, but Green is perfect for a scheme like those of the San Francisco 49ers or Jacksonville Jaguars in which size and strength at the line of scrimmage are key. As a player who flew under the radar before Senior Bowl week, Green leaves with a good amount of buzz.

The senior cornerback class was limited after injuries forced LSU’s Kristian Fulton (who also had a significant family issue, per NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero) and TCU’s Jeff Gladney (knee) to drop out, and Green made the most of his opportunity to shine against an excellent receiver class.

Green’s stock is rising and might gain a top-100 grade after the combine. {Bleacher Report}

19th Anniversary of Remember the 10:

Today in 2001, 10 members of the Oklahoma State family perished in a plane crash, on the 19th anniversary of the day, the Tulsa World looks at the event.

John Smith talks about Wrestling Museum experience:

Over the weekend, OSU wrestling coach John Smith was given the chance to sign his name at the Dan Gable Museum. He gave an interview and talked about what that meant to him.


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