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High Noon Highlights (10/13): Catching up with Michele Smith

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

Aaron Stecker #22

It’s high noon...

Interview with Michele Smith:

Softball America got the chance to sit down with Oklahoma State softball legend Michele Smith to talk about the 2021 Olympics, Athletes Unlimited and more.

SA: The Olympics were postponed this year. Having been an Olympian, how do you stay focused during a time like this?

MS: You have to focus on your mental training just as much as your physical training. I know when I was training, I could throw intense bullpens all I wanted, but something about being in a game just adds that pressure to you as an athlete. It’s important to try and find a way to get as many live reps as possible, especially for Olympic athletes. {Softball America}

Oklahoma State keeping same routine despite unexpected open date:

Mike Gundy talked to media on Monday about the game against Baylor for this Saturday being cancelled. His team is trying to keep and open mind in this weird year.

You know, nothing surprises us anymore with this year, so you just kind of roll with the punches,” Gundy said. “When we started this, we felt like we would run into a game or two where there could be COVID issues with our team or another team, so we’ve been working on Baylor for a week. You take that and put it into the filing cabinet and open up Iowa State.”

OSU had played just two conference games and one nonconference game before going on a bye week. {O’Colly}

Oklahoma State football is overachieving:

The 24/7 team composite came out recently. The team had some great things to say about the Cowboys.

“Oklahoma State has Big 12 championship hopes this fall and it checks in all the way back at No. 42. Despite the mediocre ranking, it’s still a program powered by elite talent at premier spots. WR Tylan Wallace and QB Spencer Sanders, both four-stars, are the highest rated players on the roster. True Freshman QB Shane Illingworth, RB Chuba Hubbard and stud DE Trace Ford make up three more of the top nine ranked prospects on the roster.” {24/7}

Around the Big 12:

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