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Know Your Enemy: Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk on Kansas

We talked to Andy Mitts of SB Nation’s Rock Chalk Talk to learn more about the Jayhawks.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 12 Coastal Carolina at Kansas Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

No. 17 Oklahoma State is set to play their first road game this season against Kansas in Lawrence. We talked with Andy Mitts of SB Nation’s Kansas site, Rock Chalk Talk, to get some insight into Kansas.

CRFF: What is one stat OSU fans should be looking at Saturday?

Tackles for loss. Kansas trails in this stat 22-8, and it’s really showed. Multiple drives have been derailed by a single negative play, and KU hasn’t been able to string multiple TFLs together to keep their opponents from marching down the field. If KU can even up that stat, they’ll have an opportunity to keep this game close.

CRFF: Has the Les Miles pulled any sort of trickery this year? Do you see him trying anything on his old team?

It’s hard to know if any trickery we have seen is the result of Brent Dearmond or Les Miles, but regardless, there had been a disturbing lack of trickeration so far. Unless you count rotating quarterbacks in the first game.

CRFF: What are the names on KU’s roster that OSU fans need to know?

There are lots of great skill players in Pooka Williams, Velton Gardner, Andrew Parchment, Kwamie Lassiter, Stephen Robinson and more, but if Jalon Daniels doesn’t get time to get them the ball, it won’t matter much. You will likely need to look up players on defense since so many of them are new, but one name to watch is cornerback Karon Prunty. He is still extremely raw, but his ball skills show some early promise. If the defense can limit OSU, his name will be called often.

CRFF: How can KU win this game?

The Jayhawks will need to get early pressure to help disrupt the passing game, and keep OSU’s backs off the edge. KU has real problems getting to the edge in the running game, but is decent inside the tackles. The secondary will need to keep OSU from getting into a rhythm, which will be much harder if the running game is running the show.

CRFF: What’s your score prediction?

I WANT to say KU can keep this close, but it’s just too hard to see. KU can start off quickly again, but once the OSU defense adjusts to the wrinkles in the gameplan, I don’t think they can keep that momentum going. Give me OSU 38, KU 14.

BONUS: Go to for a at-home tailgate?

Any sort of fried cheese. If there isn’t something gooey and stringy and dipped in marinara, it isn’t really a tailgate.