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Former Oklahoma State golfer Matthew Wolff signs with Gatorade

Wolff joins Zion Williamson and Karl Anthony Towns as the young stars with a Gatorade endorsement.

“PGA Golfer Matthew Wolff on the set on an upcoming commercial for BOLT24, the newest drink from Gatorade that goes beyond hydration to include electrolytes from watermelon water and sea salt and has no artificial sweeteners or flavors.”

Former Oklahoma State golfer Matthew Wolff finds himself in rare company. For the first time since Tiger Woods, Gatorade has signed a professional golfer and the honor has gone to Wolff.

Wolff has become a rising star on PGA Tour after winning his first tour event, the 3M open in 2019 in what only his third professional start. Gatorade Head of Global Sports Marketing Jeff Kearney said they chose to work with Wolff because he has a uniqueness about him. Wolff is even known for his unconventional swing.

“To us, every athlete is unique, with specific, individual fueling needs,” Kearney said. “We look at a guy like Matthew Wolff, whose swing alone is a symbolic reflection of that principle and whose approach is workman-like confidence, and we see a great fit for Gatorade and our BOLT24 expanding portfolio.”

The campaign Wolff will be featured in will feature Gatorade’s new product, BOLT24. The products comes out in December and will feature and antioxidant drink called ANTIOXIDANT with antioxidant vitamins A and another called ENERGIZE which has caffeine.

Wolff talked about what being a part of this means to him.

“You know if you’re a Gatorade athlete, you know you’re at an elite level and I’m just really happy to be a part of their team.”