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Know Your Enemy: Oklahoma

Crimson and Cream Machine gives us the low down on the Sooners ahead of Bedlam.

Oklahoma v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Bedlam week!! We couldn’t finish out our coverage of this game without asking our resident Sooner expert Kamiar Mehrabian over a CC Machine a few more questions they didn’t get to on the Podcast. Thanks to Kamiar for taking the time to answer our questions.

CRFF: How impactful is play-action to OU’s offense?

CCM With the re-emergence of Rhamondre Stevenson, Oklahoma has seen their play action game go from somewhat effective to game changing with the variability in size and talent that the talented running back brings to that offense.

CRFF: How do you think OU plans to limit Wallace and Stoner?

CCM: I believe that Oklahoma will likely try to bracket Wallace with a safety over the top and take their chances with Stoner 1 on 1.

CRFF: Is OU’s defensive line good or will this game just show that OSU’s offensive line is broken?

CCM: “Yes.” Oklahoma’s DL has been very stout this year and all four starters still have not played since the return of All American Defensive End, Ronnie Perkins. This is probably one of the better front 4’s that Oklahoma has had in the last ten years.

CRFF: Do you like having Bedlam this early? Would you be down for this to be the norm?

CCM:No and No. It needs to be the last game of the season. It makes too much sense for it not to be.

CRFF: What would you say is the Sooners’ achiles heel.

CCM: Oklahoma’s running game has been suspect this season despite putting up great numbers since the Texas game. Also, if I could add another, size. When the Sooners lost to Iowa State, much of the loss could be blamed on pure lack of size. The Sooner DBs are not over six feet tall and they struggle with large receivers.

CRFF: I was reading something the other day that was talking about how OSU was one the more experienced/ better defenses this OU team has faced this year courtesy of John Hoover. How do you the offense rises to the challenge?

CCM: The Oklahoma offense will rise to the challenge the same way as it always has under Lincoln Riley. They will manage to score points. They key is Spencer Rattler and his youth— will he keep a level head, take sacks, and throw the ball away if there’s nothing there? Or will he try to be superman when Oklahoma doesn’t need him to be that hero? That sounds like a pretty similar situation for the Spencer across the field as well.

CRFF: What’s the OU stat that OSU fans should be paying attention to Saturday?

CCM: Rushing Yards. If the Sooners rush for 200 or more, Oklahoma is very likely to take care of business in Norman.

CRFF: Predict the score.

CCM: 38-35, Oklahoma

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