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Know Your Enemy: Texas Tech

We asked Viva the Matador’s a few questions to get to the know the Red Raiders a little better.

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Our site manager Micah chatted with Viva the Matador’s Michael Macon and was able to ask him some questions prior to Saturday’s game against the Red Raiders.

CRFF: what’s the mood in Lubbock?

VTM: You could say it’s sour to be polite. Matt Wells was never a popular hire, and his constant in game mistakes are piling up. Tech is a football school, regardless of what you may hear. It’s bad news that everyone is moving on to Basketball with such a big game left to play. Everyone is tired of the mediocrity and failure. A win against the Cowboys will wake up a lot of the fan base and buy Wells some more support.

CRFF: what’s this Tech teams kryptonite?

VTM: Coaching has been the biggest black eye Tech has had this season. But besides that, a lack of a pass rush has been a killer. The secondary has actually gotten better each week, but give a quarterback all day and he can make throws.

CRFF: what does Tech have to propel them to a W in Stillwater?

VTM: Just play like there is no tomorrow. I continue to be impressed by how hard the defense plays. They have more than enough to contain a struggling Pokes attack. On offense, everyone is tired of the conservative boring play calling. If David Yost opens it up, Tech has enough weapons to have some fun. To beat a good OSU defense, the offense needs to be fun and just play aggressive. If they try to be conservative, this could turn ugly fast.

CRFF: What stat for Tech should OSU fans be looking at the most Saturday?

VTM: Passing yards. If Tech throws for 350+, it’s basically a done deal Tech is winning the game. Oklahoma state just isn’t built for a shoot-out this year, and if Tech is finding that much success through the air points are being scored. If the passing game is going that well, it also means the line is doing their part so I’d expect the rushing yards are coming too. I’ll stake my name on it, if Tech throws for 350 yards they are going to win the game.

CRFF: How do you think Tech has handled the COVID-19 pandemic?

VTM: About as well as anyone really. It’s hard to say who got this right or wrong, but Tech has avoided cancelling any games thus far and no ones had any lingering concerns we know about.

CRFF: score prediction.

VTM: I’m taking Tech 38-24. I’m a Tech homer for sure, but I love this matchup. The linebacker core versus Hubbard is one I really like, and call me an optimist but I think Alan Bowman comes out swinging.