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PICKS FROM JOE’S: The “I don’t give a sh*t“ edition

After another late-season bed-wetting by OSU, my enthusiasm has, shall we say, waned a bit...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 05 Oklahoma State at TCU Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Do we not care yet?

The only thing keeping me engaged is the possibility of Oklahoma NOT winning the Big 12 title.

Of course that would mean Iowa State has won it and I have some emotional issues that would need to be sorted out. In regards to the possibility of Iowa State beating the Sooners in the Big 12 championship rematch and being considered for the college football playoff, I’ve already made my feelings clear:

As for everyone else, and I guess whoever loses the title game, according to Mike Gundy we’ve all finished 2nd or last, it doesn’t really matter. So we are all Kansas, basically...

Now that we are all properly motivated for the coming weekend, let’s get down to the games that will, or possibly won’t, be played. Iowa State, Kansas State, and Texas Tech are all done for the regular season. I imagine this will be Iowa State this weekend:

Oklahoma at West Virginia (CANCELED 12/10)

Courtesy of Oklahoma State's shit show at TCU and West Virginia getting lathered in Ames last weekend, the Sooners get a free pass.

If the Big 12 was paying attention they would just cancel all this nonsense, but West Virginia decided to cooperate by having covid issues and suspending football activities.

Texas at Kansas (CANCELED 12/10)

Why do we care about this game? Do I really need to remind you?

It won't matter anyway, this will likely be canceled due to covid issues at one or both programs.

Aaaaaand, as I predicted, this has been canceled due to covid issues at Texas.

La Tech at TCU (7pm ET on FS1, TCU - 21.5, O/U 52.5)

In another episode of "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PLAYING THIS GAME" we have TCU paying out to get that sixth data point. Also, watch the Bulldogs run all over the place and score points just to piss off OSU fans.

IF this gets played, I'm taking TCU to win, LaTech to cover, and the under.

Oklahoma State at Baylor (7pm ET on ESPNU, OSU -5.5, O/U 49)

On the Pistols Firing pod earlier this week Carson Cunningham referred to this line as being in the "Vegas Zone."

Apparently that is a reference to the line being outside of the FG (3 pts) but less than a TD (6 or 7 pts), which some feel indicates that Vegas doesn't know what to do with this game.

If you've been paying attention at all over the past three weeks I don't see how it's possible to NOT know what to do with this game. To me, the "Vegas Zone" should be that weird line that you look at and think "How in the world could you possibly think that?" It then turns out to be correct. IMHO Vegas is looney tunes either way. The Cowboys are about to exit the regular season with a whimper that not even Mike Gundy can mansplain away. OSU has never won in McClane Stadium and isn't about to start doing it now. IF this gets played, Baylor to win outright and the under.

Time to get more scotch delivered and check the basketball schedules.