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Isaac Likekele leads Oklahoma State past TCU 72-57 for first Big 12 win of season

The sophomore guard scored 15 points and 11 assists for his first career double-double.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

On a cold snowy day in Stillwater with a team colder than the temps outside, the Cowboys managed to finally break through to the positive side of the win column in conference play against a suddenly struggling TCU squad, 72-57.

It would be a massive understatement to say that it’s been a rough first half of league play, but on a day when classes were cancelled the Cowboys faithful were finally given a reason to rejoice. A welcome reprieve in a season turned south. A sigh of relief loud enough to be mistaken for a jubilant cacophony as it echoed through an empty Gallagher-Iba.

It’s hard to remember now, but this team was 7-0 to start the year. People were talking seeding. The team cracked the Coaches Poll! Despite losing Ice, the team managed to still find a win against a very good Houston team through a rough stretch in his absence. On his return, they mounted their largest win of the year against a very bad SE Louisiana team. But then, for some frustratingly enigmatic dartboard of reasons that same team started league play 0-8 with a free-space win against a struggling Texas A&M team thrown in.

So forgive me if I overreact a little to a long overdue glimpse of life. It feels good to win. With Lindy out, Ice played his best game of the season. Yor returned to early-season form. Dizzy made Dizzy shots. Cam fought. Laurent looked like a legit contributor. The Boone twins provided a spark.

There are still plenty of questions (Where was Avery? Is Harris going to return? Lindy?) and it’s impossible to overlook the 0-8 crater you started with in the Big 12; but for one snowy day on the verge of Spring in Stillwater, some fun was had in GIA.

Go Pokes!