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High Noon Highlights (3/11): The impact of Hurricane Katrina on Avery Anderson

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 29 NIT Season Tip-Off - Oklahoma State v Mississippi Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Katrina shaped the college basketball career of Avery Anderson:

While Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Anderson’s home... the life they rebuilt in Texas helped to spark the career of their son Avery. Hallie Hart of the O’Colly wrote a fantastic feature on how that happened.

Anderson, a freshman at Oklahoma State, said if Hurricane Katrina hadn’t hit New Orleans in 2005, then he likely wouldn’t have a Cowboy basketball scholarship.

“The exposure that I got in Texas, I probably wouldn’t have got in New Orleans,” Anderson said. “...Without that exposure, I probably wouldn’t even be here.”

Although growing up in Texas allowed Anderson to catapult into the recruiting world, his New Orleans roots remain part of his identity. His mother affectionately refers to him as “the Texas baby,” a reminder he spent most of his childhood in Justin, but Anderson doesn’t take the nickname seriously.

“She calls me whatever she wants, but I say I’m from New Orleans,” Anderson said. {O’Colly}

Taylor Cornelius is enjoying the XFL:

Guerin Emig got the chance to catch up with former Oklahoma State quarterback Taylor Cornelius. He said he’s appreciating his time the XFL despite his mixed results on the field.

“The XFL is letting me continue to play football,” Cornelius told me last week. “That’s the biggest thing right now.”

That’s quite enough.

Cornelius’ season mirrors his league’s. His results are mixed. Take his last start at Los Angeles, where he threw for 300 yards and a couple touchdowns but also tossed an end zone interception to seal a 41-34 loss.

Thing is, if we’re watching the XFL purely for the football, figuring we’ll see the next Pat Mahomes when the Roughnecks play the Guardians, we’re doing it wrong.

We should be watching for the stories. The XFL should exist for the same, for stories like Cornelius’. {Tulsa World}

Mike Boynton is the reason one fan is invested in Oklahoma State:

This is a great story from the O’Colly on Oklahoma State fan Paul Wiese. Despite not being invested in Oklahoma State Basketball in the past, he is now an avid fan after head coach Mike Boynton took the reins.

“Mike Boynton is special, which is why I tweet a lot about him and the program,” Wiese said. “And I only have 210 followers so nobody really cares, but I’m trying to make everyone understand, we’re very, very lucky to have this guy.”

OSU has always meant a lot to Wiese and his family, but it wasn’t until Boynton took over as head coach that Wiese really got into the basketball program.

“I mean, I liked the program, I didn’t love it,” Wiese said. “I didn’t wake up in the morning excited for the game that night. I didn’t get bummed if we lost, in the old days. Because of this guy, because I know how much it means to him, I want to do whatever I can to support him.” {O’Colly}

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