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Oklahoma State Sports Replays to Watch Amid Hiatus

While we don’t have sports, take the time to watch these Oklahoma State Instant Classics.

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We have taken the liberty to give you all something to do amid the hiatus of Oklahoma State Sports. Complied below is a list of YouTube links some great games in Oklahoma State Sports history. (These are in no particular order) *Editors note: We cannot promise everyone of these links will stay up but I’ll take off ones that stop working and try to keep is as updated and possible.

3OT basketball game vs. Texas (2007):

2006 Independence Bowl:

Wrestling vs. Iowa (2019):

2004 NCAA Basketball Regional Final:

Bedlam 2011:

2011 Fiesta Bowl:

Football vs. A&M (2010):

2019 NCAA Baseball Regional:

Basketball vs. Mizzou (2001)-

NCAA Softball Super Regional 2019:

Feel free to add in the comments below!