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High Noon Highlights: How Eddie Sutton’s lessons influenced Ivan McFarlin

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

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Oklahoma State Cowboys Campus Photo by Oklahoma State/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

It’s high noon...

The journey of Ivan McFarlin:

The O’Colly did a fantastic story on the life of former Oklahoma State basketball player Ivan McFarlin.

Because McFarlin was a standout power forward at Oklahoma State from 2001-05 after one redshirt year, he can pass the wisdom of coach Eddie Sutton to another generation of players, but McFarlin’s athletic career isn’t the only experience that prepared him for this opportunity. The lessons McFarlin learned in sports and the skills he used in the workforce weave together to influence his people-oriented coaching style.

“My basketball career was over,” McFarlin said. “But I felt that I had so much knowledge to give to young kids that (are) in my same situation when I was in high school getting ready to go to college, and I just want to give them as much info as I can.” {O’Colly}

Relive Oklahoma State’s elite 8 game against U-Mass:

The Cowboys Insider Podcast has be reliving old Oklahoma State basketball games. This is a great episode highlighting the 1995 Elite 8 game against U-Mass.

Jason McEndoo on the Coaches and Coordinator Podcast:

Cowboy backs coach Jason McEndoo made an appearance on the Coaches and Coordinator Podcast. He talked about some great subjects from his inspiration to football intelligence.

Coach McEndoo was brought onto Coach Mike Gundy’s coaching staff at Oklahoma State in 2015. While at Oklahoma State, Coach McEndoo helped develop the unique “Cowboy Back” position. Learn how Oklahoma State deploys their tight ends and fullbacks in a hybrid position that utilizes a variety of formations and also how Coach McEndoo reached his current position in his coaching career. {Coaches and Coordinators Podcast}

Jordan McCray makes Podcast appearance:

Former Cowboy Jordan McCray made an appearance on the Players Podcast. He’s part a series they are doing to talk to potential draft picks.