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High Noon Highlights (3/6): Tony Allen credits Eddie Sutton for NBA and life success

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

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It’s high noon...

Tony Allen credits Eddie Sutton for NBA Success

Sutton bred a wining culture into OSU while helping players like Allen reach NBA immortality with an NBA Finals championship ring.

“We talk about the wins, but I just like how he prepared me as a young man,” Allen said. “He got me to fix my manners. He got me thinking about a lot of stuff as far as life. We used to have conversations about everything. The wins, I honor. You can’t do nothing but honor the wins. But how coach Sutton was with me personally, I’ll never forget it. He never lied to me. He kept it straight up and down with me.” Tulsa World

Sometimes you keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Sixth-ranked OU will play Utah and Mercer on Friday, while No. 14 OSU is playing Murray State and Missouri State. They will swap opponents on Saturday before OSU finishes the weekend with one more game against Missouri State on Sunday.

“We feel like we should work together,” said Gajewski, the Cowgirls coach. “I know how our fans feel about OU. I understand it. But we’re better together in a lot of ways, when we can do things like this. It helps us, it helps them, too. Otherwise we wouldn’t do it.

“Sometimes you keep your friends close and your enemies closer, so that’s what we gotta do.” The Oklahoman

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