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High Noon Highlights(3/9):Profile on A.J. Green

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

NFL Combine - Day 6 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

The Touchdown profiles A.J. Green:

UK publication The Touchdown did an awesome profile on former Oklahoma State cornerback A.J. Green. This is a must read.

They talked about A.J.’s time at OSU, his inspirations and more.

“I have a cousin who’s also going through the draft process right now. He played at University of North Texas. I have another cousin that’s at the University of Nevada right now. He plays corner also and is looking to have a big year. I have two other cousins, one of them just enrolled into Oklahoma State and he plays corner also. When we get back in the city, and everybody’s set, we go to our trainer and get to work together. We critique each other, give each other heads up. We’re very competitive, but we also love each other. Anything we do, we’re always competing. I feel like it brings the best out of us.” {The Touchdown}

Lauren Fields changes her path:

Oklahoma State Women’s Basketball player Lauren Fields changed her commitment late in the process. It’s made all the difference for the Cowgirls this season.

Fields said she’s glad she’s close to home and has adjusted well to her new team; she’s close with her teammates. She said the Cowgirls’ chemistry off the court has helped things on the court as well.

And on the court, Fields has played a vital role for OSU; she has started multiple games for the Cowgirls and soaked up big minutes.

Littell said Fields will continue to grow as the years go along, but she’s already playing excellent defense and making a big impact.

“She’s getting thrown in the fire and having to guard some really high-level players,” Littell said. “She’s learning offensively, but Lau’s had some ups and downs, but she’s helped us win some games as well. She’s going to have a nice career here.” {O’Colly}

Mike Gundy is in on the Tik Tok Trend:

If your family is anything like my family you’ve heard plenty about Tik Tok; but you’ve perhaps never seen, and certainly never been on, Tik Tok.

Well friends, that might soon change.

Those of us blessed enough to be able to spend much of our days working with young people know that it is only a matter of time until you take that brave first step into the video world that is….Tik Tok. {Football Scoop}

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