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High Noon Highlights(4/10): James Washington is using his farm to stay in shape

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

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Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

James Washington is making the best of social distancing:

Former Cowboy wide receiver James Washington bought his own farm this off season. And it’s made the perfect method to stay in shape.

“I am always out running sprints in front of the house. I have a big yard and it’s pretty flat,” said Washington. “Usually I will just run the sprints and then run some routes. I don’t have anyone throwing to me. I am ordering a Jugs machine so I will have an accurate ball every time.

”As far as lifting, the other day I was trimming trees around here and I don’t know if I ever felt my lats burn as much as they did when I was trimming trees and moving big old logs and stuff. For sure nature is giving me the best workouts.

”They may not think I am working on football, but I think some of it translates. I am still running. I am out in the country, so I go on bike rides too. I am getting conditioning, working on the legs at the same time. I ride seven or eight miles. You may have one or two cars pass you, but you may see more cattle than people.” {}

Alan Bratton on 107.7 The Franchise:

Oklahoma State’s golf coach hopped on the radio this morning. Check out the interview here.

Getting to know Ferron Flavors Jr.:

The O’Colly got the chance to catch up with Ferron Flavors Jr. The Oklahoma State commit talked everything from his game to his favorite ice cream flavor.

In high school, most considered the California Baptist graduate transfer headed to Oklahoma State, as just a shooter.

Now, years later, Flavors supplements a highly coveted freshman class at OSU as one of the more sought-after graduate transfers in the nation. And he’s still only being coveted for his floor spacing ability.

“There’s definitely more to my game,” Flavors said. “That’s definitely the best thing I do. I don’t think anybody in the country shoots the ball better than me. It’s something that I do really, really well, so a lot of people are going to tab me as that. But I bring a lot more to a team, to the game than really advertised.” {O’Colly}

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