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High Noon Highlights (4/6): Mike Holder Addresses fans

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

2018 NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championship - Match Play Photo by Shane Bevel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Mike Holder talks how COVID-19 has impacted OSU Athletics:

On Friday Mike Holder joined an OSU Alumni Association Zoom call to talk about the state of OSU Athletics amidst COVID-19.

“I’m not worried too much about the NCAA revenue (shortage from this year) but I’m worried more about the revenue that football brings in for our University,” Holder said in opening up the financial discussion with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Just round numbers for our fan base and everybody that is out there listening,” Holder continued. “This last year our budget was about $85-million. So, how do you get to $85-million, in round numbers, I think our allocation from the Big 12 or this last year, I’m talking about fiscal year 2020, the distribution coming from the Big 12. I think we’ll be pretty close to whole on that. It is going to be about $40-million and then we may get or generate about $37-million on game days from football. That is our season ticket sales, donor seating, that is our club seats, that’s our suite sales. {Pokes Report }

Gary Calcagno joins TrackWrestling:

Oklshoma State wrestling strength and conditioning coach Gary Calcagno joined TrackWrestling to talk about how he trains OSU wrestlers.

Daniel Cormier goes 12-6 with Wrestlemania picks:

Eddie Sutton’s reaction the Hall of Fame News:

The moment coach found out he was voted in.

Bonus: Coach Mike’s message to Skyline Elementary

Around the Big 12:

Jamie Pollard, a lesson in leadership

Big 12 basketball coaches in the hot seat

Around Sports:

British Open has been canceled

Master’s targeting November

Song of the Day: