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Oklahoma State jersey roundtable: Favorite basketball jersey

The team dives into our favorite looks from Cowboy Basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Tournament-Oklahoma State vs Iowa State Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It’s “Sports Jerseys” week on the SB Nation network. The Cowboys Ride For Free team will share their opinions on Oklahoma State jerseys throughout the afternoon and evening. Our first post involves basketball jerseys.

Micah Allen

If we’re being honest, there really are only two right answers here. The ‘95 throwbacks and the cursive Cowboys. However, those were taken when I got the chance to answers so for the sake of difference we’ll move to my next choice the “Orange Cowboys”.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

These are incredibly clean. I’m also a sucker for the all-orange lewk. The font is good and it fits well across the chest. This is something that they don’t always get right and it annoys me. I know some people have feelings on the paisley, but ya know.... I think it’s subtle enough I like it.

Brandon Cain

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The 1995 throwbacks are my top choice because of the lettering placement around the number(s) and the numbers themselves are better than the current look. It’s a straight to the point, no non-sense look that says “we’re here to ball.” I wish OSU had an orange option with black numbering and lettering for this style, too. OSU should wear the orange option regularly and bring out the black for big-time games.

Matt Harris

Basketball is more straightforward because there is no helmet and colors are never mixed (unless you’re Kansas State, I guess). I’m so unbelievably torn between the black ‘95 throwbacks from this season, and the home white Cursive Cowboys. Style is synonymous with winning, no? I guess give me the Cursive Cowboys, but man it’s close. One other note: throw the big brand jerseys in the trash. I’m simply not a fan of big logos on basketball jerseys. Bring back the ‘95 throwbacks and ‘em the full-time home jerseys.

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Tournament-Oklahoma State vs Iowa State Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Zach McCoy

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Cursive Cowboys and the 1995 throwbacks are both so dang good, but this jersey match-up with Tech along with the exciting game and favorable result put it over the top this time. Such a clean kit. Ask me again (hopefully) in March when Cade is dropping 40 on the Jayhawks with that script across his chest.

Phillip Slavin

This was tough. I love the “Cursive Cowboys” and the 95’s unveiled against Texas Tech this season turned me into the eyeball emoji.

But I’m going to go with a controversial pick here; the Nike N7 Turquoise uniforms. A couple of reasons.

First, I get that turqouise and orange aren’t the best color combo, but these are just so unique. They represent something beyond just basketball and seeing how much they meant to a guy like Lindy Waters when he was able to wear them is powerful to me.

They are also the only alternate uniform that both the men and the women’s team wear which is neat. Softball has some too.

I’m fine that they aren’t worn against marquee opponents and only once or twice a year. I understand that some people vehemently dislike them. That’s ok. It’s an eye of the beholder kind of thing. And maybe part of the reason I like them so much is the fact I don’t get the utter hate by some.

NCAA Basketball: Legends Classic-Texas A&M at Oklahoma State Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports