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High Noon Highlights (6/1): A tour of Oklahoma State Football facilities

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

Oklahoma State University Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

A tour of Oklahoma State’s football facilities:

The show Royal Key was given a tour of the Oklahoma State Football facilities. He got the full treatment of a recruit on a tour with a fantastic behind the scenes tour.

Coach Glass gets ready for the return of athletes:

The Tulsa World’s Bill Haisten got the chance to talk with football strength and conditioning coach Rob Glass about how he’s going to slowly get his guy back in the swing of things.

“We’ll start by doing some tempo runs — like 10 to 12 (runs of 100 yards), but at their pace,” Glass explained. “We’ve got to get their bodies going again. I figure it will take about two weeks for guys to get acclimated. Some guys will be ready for a lot more in the beginning, but not everybody had access to facilities since March. Some guys really didn’t have access to any facilities.

“We’ll have to work through the soreness phase and get their flexibility restored. I never wanted our players to compromise themselves and try to work out in places where they might be at risk. I’ll feel a lot better when they’re back here with us.” {Tulsa World}

Will the football season opener happen?:

Pokes Report wrote about the uncertainty of football season this upcoming season.

Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis is hopeful for a season that will start as scheduled. Oklahoma State deputy athletic director Chad Weiberg and Cowboys head football coach Mike Gundy have both told Pokes Report they have been in communication with Oregon State and with the Beavers athletic director Scott Barnes who has said, if the game is played, Oregon State intends to be at Boone Pickens Stadium to provide the opposition.

“The one scenario that we are not working on is not playing football,” Barnes said early in May. “We are looking at some scenarios, including playing less games, playing some games with fewer fans… I think it’s obviously prudent and responsible of us to look at every option we can model at this point. As this evolves, we’ll narrow that down to what responsibility looks like.” {Pokes Report}

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