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High Noon Highlights (6/15): Mason Cox gives a brief overview of Australian Rules Football

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

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Mason Cox Training Session Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Mason Cox introduces Americans to his sports:

For many in the U.S., the absences of American sports has lead to wanting to watch the sports happening overseas. Former Oklahoma State basketball player Mason Cox teaches Americans about the sport he’s currently playing, Australian Rules Football.

How the Cape Cod League lead Kaden Polcovich to the Mariners:

Last Week former Cowboys Kaden Polcovich was drafted to the Seattle Mariners. The Oklahoman explains how a summer league lead him there.

“It has been unbelievable what he’s done,” said Scott Hunter, the Mariners’ director of amatuer scouting. “What he’s able to do now in a shortened season on top of what he did in the Cape, which he may have hit the ball just as hard as some of our big power hitters we’ve taken.”

Polcovich was OSU’s lone player selected in the two-day MLB Draft, going in in the third round at No. 78 overall to Seattle. He played just 18 games with the Cowboys, but it was his summer season that turned his career around.

“That was some of the best competition I’ve ever played against,” Polcovich told The Oklahoman. “I saw how I stacked up and I was able to do pretty good. That’s something to build on.” {Oklahoman}

James Washington gets to know new teammates from a distance:

Former Cowboy, and current Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver James Washington had a lot of new faces to get to know. This included a new coach that he had to make impressions to over the phone.

“What I really enjoyed about it was the first time he called he didn’t call to talk about football,” said Washington. “He called to talk about family and try to help me understand the kind of person he is. Coach (Darryl) Drake was one of my favorite coaches. The thing about him is I feel like Coach Ike is kind of like Coach Drake.

“He seems like a family man first, and then a football coach. I feel like he really cares about the player. He wants the best for us. He isn’t just there for the job. He wants to make sure we are good men and good players.” {}

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