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High Noon Highlights (6/18): Chuba Hubbard talks relationship with Mike Gundy on ‘First Take’

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed on Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

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It’s high noon...

Chuba Hubbard talks with ‘First Take’:

Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard talked with Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith of ESPN’s “First Take” on Thursday to discuss the ongoing situation with coach Mike Gundy.

Hubbard said that the relationship is a “work in progress.”

“Obviously, (when) that video came out, a lot of people thought everything’s good now. That’s not the case. It’s a work in progress.” Hubbard said. “I wanted that video to be a first step showing that he understands what he did wrong and he needs to move forward. If not, then there’s consequences from those things.” {ESPN}

Phillip Slavin makes radio appearance:

Our own Phillip Slavin talked with the (Almost) Entirely Sports show to discuss the situation involving the football team as wall as the allegations against Mike Gundy.

In the final hour of (Almost) Entirely Sports, Joshua Brisco and Rudy Salazar are joined by Phillip Slavin of The Ten12 Podcast and Cowboys Ride for Free joins the show to talk about the Mike Gundy situation and the things that you can take from it and also what may or may not apply to from Gundy’s past to this current situation. {Almost Entirely Sports}

A conversation with Josh Holliday:

The Stillwater Newspress had a conversation with OSU Baseball head coach Josh Holliday about his team, the opening of the new stadium and more.

“Obviously, all of the kids are in the program, a different age, a different spot in school, and those particular kids all stand to come back and graduate this year, so that’s exciting for them,” OSU coach Josh Holliday said. “The guys that benefitted from the senior year opportunity – that’s great, and then the other kids in the program that turned down opportunities from professional baseball to sign as free agents but are coming back is big, as well, and there are others, not just the kids that announced it.” {Stillwater Newspress}

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