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High Noon Highlights (6/24): Dick Vitale sends message to NCAA

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San Francisco v Gonzaga Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Vitale’s message to the NCAA:

Renowned college basketball announcer Dick Vitale came to defense of the Cowboys’ basketball program in a video on Twitter yesterday.

“I also say the least wipe off, wipe off that they can’t play in the tournament,” Vitale said. “Why punish innocent kids? Why punish an innocent coach? Don punish them. You wanna punish the school financially, fine. But don’t punish innocent people.”

Turning over the postseason ban is the right thing to do:

This is fantastic from Sporting News. They talk about the consequences of not allowing a player like Cade Cunningham play in March.

This is not a reason for the appeals committee to vacate the postseason ban, but it is one of the consequences for failing to get this right.

The NCAA’s punishment does not fit this offense. The case against Oklahoma State involved Evans accepting cash payments in exchange for attempting to convince players on the Cowboys roster to hire particular financial managers upon turning professional. In January 2019, Evans pleaded guilty in federal court to accepting bribes and apologized for his conduct.

The NCAA also considers such conduct to be a violation of its bylaws. It’s great that there is a rule to cover actions such as this, because they have no place in college sports.

However, it is not “cheating,” in the competitive sense. Oklahoma State drew no benefit from these activities. None of the other Big 12 teams or O.K. State opponents was slighted on the court because of this circumstance. To punish head coach Mike Boynton or the current Cowboys for Evans’ actions has no merit. {Sporting News}

Brad Lundblade talks upcoming nuptials:

In an interview with Oklahoma State SI site, former Oklahoma State Center Brad Lundblade talked about getting married this weekend as well as his career so far.

This coming Sunday former Oklahoma State center Brad Lundblade will be nervous, likely more nervous than his playing days at Oklahoma State, as he will be standing at the alter in Abilene, Texas watching his bride to be, Heather Harper walk down the aisle.

“I really fortunate,” Lundblade said like most of us before we got married. “They say you only have to fool one and I’m just trying to marry her before she changes her mind. I’m really lucky.” {Pokes Report}

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