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High Noon Highlights (6/8): Oklahoma State basketball players plan on staying with program

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

Iowa State v Oklahoma State Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Players plan to stick with OSU basketball:

According to the O’Colly there are a number of players that say they plan to keep their commitments to the Cowboys despite the announcement of an NCAA postseason ban.

Donovan Williams says that this is “just a pebble in the road.”

“(Overcoming adversity) helps me a lot because it just like a little stumble in the road like a little pebble in the road that you run over it, and it really doesn’t do anything to you,” Williams said. “Just keep driving. I’m not going to let a little stumble in the road affect the whole journey.”

Williams spoke to OSU’s only in-state commit, Rondel Walker, for 30 minutes after the news of NCAA sanctions broke and both had similar notions about the decision to stay/leave. Neither are expected to be one and done players in college basketball, which played a part in their respective decisions. And look forward to what will come after the ban is over. {O’Colly}

Brennan Presley ready to arrive in Stillwater:

Brennan Presley, a Three-star prospect had his plans change for his arrival to OSU. With 3 positive tests for COVID-within the team. He’ll wait a week before his college football journey starts.

“They didn’t want people coming up there with there being (positive test results),” Presley said. “Everything was shut down. Everything is getting cleaned and all that stuff now. They just pushed everything back.”

“Whenever we get up there the first thing we’ll do is get tested,” Presley said. “Everything will already be cleaned and all that stuff. But just making sure everyone is OK, not running a fever and everything like that.” {Tulsa World}

Landon Wolf shares protest experience:

Cowboy Football receiver Landon Wolf decided to share his thoughts on attending the protest in Tulsa over last weekend.

First, the unity of the gathering was powerful and it could be felt by everyone in attendance. Before we marched, there were speakers that began the evening, and the stories shared by an older gentleman and his wife carried a lot of weight. They each spoke of their experiences growing up in the reign of the Greenwood district and of how important unity is and will be for the restoration, both economic and social, of what was once a thriving community.

When we began the march, I couldn’t help but feel conflicted. On one hand, I felt that I was apart of something greater than myself and my individual presence along with the presence of the thousands of others in attendance. On the other hand, I felt very heavy-hearted by the drastic measures that were being taken to raise awareness for brown and black bodies to simply be both recognized and treated as equal citizens in this country.{LinkedIn}

Tadaaki Hatta on Japanese influx at Oklahoma State in the 1960s

Hatta, won went undefeated during the 1965 season and won NCAA championship at 115 pounds and was an Olympic freestyle coach (Japan, Mexico, United States), joined Chad Dennis on The MatBoss Podcast to discuss the rush of Japanese wrestlers who came to the United States. {Mat Talk Podcast Network}

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