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High Noon Highlights (7/17): Montreal Pena film study

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and more.

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s high noon...

A look at Montreal Pena:

Dustin Ragusa took a look a look at Oklahoma State basketball commit Montreal Pena. And he a lot of great insight into the power forward out of Texas.

Pena is going to fit perfectly in Boynton’s fast-paced style of play. As I mentioned above, he’s extremely athletic, and you’ve already seen that he can be a force on the fast break. Outside of the transition game, Pena works really well out of the pick-and-roll … especially when it’s being initiated by Cunningham. Over the course of the two Texas Titans games I watched, these two were in multiple pick-and-roll situations together. {Pistols Firing}

How well do the Boone twins know eachother?:

In this weeks Cowboy Roundup they had some fun with twin Keylan and Kalib Boone with a trivia game. They were expectedly competitve testing each others knowledge of one another,

Cade Cunningham thinks Oklahoma State is a destination for future 5-stars:

The O’Colly talked to Oklahoma State highest-rated recruit for this class about Oklahoma State potential to land more 5-stars.

“This is the opportunity to get that history rolling and start a new trend of, ‘You can be a top guy and go to Oklahoma State and succeed,’” Cunningham said.

What’s incredible about the recruitment of this stacked class is that it comes on the heels of a 12-win season in 2018-19. Cunningham and 4-star recruit Rondel Walker — the two highest-rated players in this class — committed before the season even began.

While the Cowboys were a little better in the 2019-20 season, Boynton isn’t compiling these recruits because he has a boatload of wins to back up his case, he’s getting them because of his personality.

It’s the same reason he got a premier one-and-done to commit to OSU.

“The NBA is the end goal for me,” Cunningham said. “Hopefully, it’s in one year, but if it’s not, I’m comfortable with the people that I’m around. I’m comfortable that — if I stay here four years, I would be just as happy as I am going into this year.”{O’Colly}

Around the Big 12:

OU Covid Testing going well

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Song of the Day:

Because this is the them song of being an OSU fan