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Big 12 football programs as characters in ‘Hamilton’

Who would the Big 12 schools be if they were in the Tony Award- winning musical?

Broadway’s “Hamilton” High School Student Matinee Photo by Walter McBride/Getty Images

So, Hamilton came to Disney+ about a month ago. After watching it again for the millionth time, I got to thinking, what character each school in our beloved Big 12 conference would be. Before we get started though, let me express this is purely based on their character in the musical, not historically. Thank you to Melissa Triebwasser of Frogs of War for her help with this!

Oklahoma: Alexander Hamilton

As much as an Oklahoma State blog hates giving OU the main character in the show, honestly it was the best choice. Hamilton was all about doing whatever he had to do to get to the top. That’s the Sooners. Combine that with a coach that’s “Young, scrappy and hungry.” and there we go. Not only that, but Hamilton was highly progressive much like the Sooner program. They’re also “non-stop” when it comes to recruiting. Throughout the show you also begin to realize that Hamilton is the true villain. I mean come on he gets his son shot, cheats on his wife…. Much like OU is looked at is a villain to the rest of the Big 12.

Oklahoma State: Aaron Burr

I know, I know but hear me out. Throughout the show all Burr wants is to be as successful as his rival Hamilton. He’s perfectly capable of doing so, but he holds back. This holding back keeps him for ever being able to rise above Hamilton. He wants to be “In the room where it happens” but just doesn’t quite do enough to get in that room. Burr is good at what he does but is constantly getting lost in the shuffle, much like the Cowboys.

Texas: King George

“You say., the price of my networks not a price that you’re willing to pay… you cryyy in your tea in which you hurl in Brazos when you see me go by.” This entire song can be UT talking to Texas A&M.

King George thinks the colonies desperately need him and that “they’ll be back” and soon they’ll remember they belong to him. Much like Texas thinks eventually they’ll return to the way it was before when they were on top and controlled the rest of the Big 12.

Kansas: Charles Lee

Charles Lee was a disgraced military general that everyone makes fun of. He “s**** the bed” much like Kansas football tends to do.

Plus “I’m a general weeee” is totally Kansas when basketball season starts.

Iowa State: Marquis de Lafayette

For the past few years, ISU has been trying to take the horse by the rains under head coach Matt Campbell. Lafayette is scrappy and will put up a fight against the toughest opponent. This is resemblance of the Cyclones. He’s someone you don’t want to underestimate. When you play ISU you never want to underestimate them.

Kansas State: Peggy Schuyler

Pretty enough but awfully forgettable most of the time. Constantly has to remind the audience that she’s there.

Baylor: The Bullet

The Bullet is a member of the ensemble that represents bad omens/ death. Much like the Baylor Bears, everywhere they show up, something bad seems to happen lol. Controversies follow them constantly.

TCU: Angelica Schuyler

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, the Horned Frogs were a late addition to the Big 12 despite years of proving they could play with the big boys. In 2014, they lost out of a playoff spot to Ohio State, much like Angelica lost Alexander to Eliza (we know the Buckeyes definitely called dibs!). Under Gary Patterson, TCU Football has won at least 10 games 11 times, but remains never satisfied after missing out on a chance to play for a national title twice since 2010.

Texas Tech: James Madison

Texas Tech just hangs around the powerful people and rides their coattails to occasional success. Much like the Red Raiders, Madison talked a big game, but in reality was fragile much like the Raider defense.

West Virginia: John Laurens

Laurens likes to party… He lives to the fullest. He is unapologetic in his thoughts. Much like West Virginia. He’s going to be himself no matter what you think.He had a ton of success during the revolution, only to not be able to see the fruits of the labors of the revolution after being killed shortly after the war was won. Much like West Virginia has had a very successful football program despite not being to see the fruits of their labor in a national championship. The state itself was created in opposition to slavery as the Civil War was starting, John Laurens was an abolitionist.