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Nike drops new Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Oklahoma State shoe!

The sneakers are available to purchase now!

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The new Nikes are out! They yearly collection of collegiate shoes once again didn’t disappoint. This season, they repeated last year’s shoe and went with a Pegasus model. Although this year they’re in white. I have last year’s and I gotta say I really like the switch to the Pegasus.

They feature Pistol Pete on the side of the shoe as well as “Orange Power” on the heel, these scream OSU pride.

It might be worth noting that this is more a running shoe. So if you’re in to that short of thing these are perfect for you! Even if you’re not, like me lol, if you love OSU they’re still for you.

While many OSU fans will be watching the Cowboys from the comfort of their homes this fall, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it style.

Honestly, in the years since they’ve been doing this I think these might be my favorite. They’re simple and clean and that’s my vibe.

NOTE: This shoe is available for men and women as a unisex shoe.