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Oklahoma State enters 5-year branding partnership with INFLCR

The company will help athletes build their social media presence.

Twitter Photo by Mehmet Kaman/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The Oklahoma State athletics department announced a five-year branding partnership with INFLCR on Tuesday to help student-athletes build their personal brand on social media.

OSU is trying to get ahead of laws in the works that will allow for players to use their name, image and likeness. The Cowboy football and both basketball teams will be the first to use the new software.

“I’m excited to announce an exclusive partnership with INFLCR, an industry leader in Name, Image and Likeness. This allows our student-athletes to tell their stories, grow their audiences and build their brands,” OSU football coach Mike Gundy said in a release.

The software will help the staff as OSU keep things like photos organized for each specific athlete. As they post they will be able to easily look at engagement numbers.

Check out this video explaining the whole thing:

This should be a game changer for high-profile recruits wanting to come to OSU. Student-athletes learning these skills will help them in their lives outside of their sports as well.