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Know Your Enemy: Iowa State

We chatted with the WRNL guys to get the inside scoop on the Cyclones.

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Bryon Houlgrave/The Register / USA TODAY NETWORK

Thank you to Matthias Schwartzkopf for taking the time to chat with us ahead of this afternoon’s game!

CRFF: When the ISU offense has struggled this season, has it been more scheme-based problems or personnel-based problems?

WRNL: I think a lot of it has been an unclear vision of the offense and plans that really didn’t go against the opposing team’s weaknesses.Then you add in some turnovers and stalled out drives and poor field position and it all goes down into one big pile of poo. Plus the offensive line has not been as good as they were a season ago. It’s been frustrating but appears over the last two weeks things have started to smooth out a bit.

CRFF: Do you believe that ISU is really a 7 point favorite over OSU?

WRNL: No. I mean for one this game is always closer than 7 points. Two, Oklahoma State has not lost. Seems vegas ignored that. I get it in a way. It’s in Ames and Iowa State may be playing just a touch better but a full touchdown? Come on now.

CRFF: How would you describe the Iowa State offense? Do the Cyclones tend to win or lose the time of possession battle?

WRNL: Based on this question. I will describe them as a team that wants to be balanced but at the same time suck the wind out of your sails and make your defense stay on the field much longer than Iowa State let’s theirs. This offense has no problem putting together an ugly 10 minute drive. They did it multiple times against UNLV. Kansas State got a dose of it in the third quarter last week.Iowa State wants the ball much longer than they want you too.

CRFF: Can this season for Iowa State still be considered a success even if they don’t make a New Year’s Six game or Big 12 Championship?

WRNL: Oh for sure. Reasonably I am not sure we were ever going to make the playoff but the ultimate goal has always been to get back to Dallas and finish it off. So with that still in sight that has to be the goal and the hope.

CRFF: What’s the hype in Ames like with the 10th anniversary of 2011?

WRNL: I think we are just excited to be back with some wins and have an opportunity against a top ten team in Ames with some hope built in. Few weeks ago if this game was played then, may not be as much excitement but the fans are ready for this one. Quinn Sharp is not.

CRFF: What has worked for opposing offenses against the ISU defense?

WRNL: Get on the edges and run. Iowa State has been pretty stout this season but Baylor had a ton of success on getting on the edge of the 3 down lineman and working with 5-6 yards and a cloud of dust.

CRFF:Alright prediction time!

WRNL: 27-24 Iowa State. That is a full heart pick but with Oklahoma State’s defense it easily can go the other way. Should be a fun game.

Bonus: I’m an OSU fan headed to Ames for the game...what are my must-dos for game day?

Drink a ton of beer and that is it.