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Rage against the Machine (A rant against the NCAA)

I’m so mad, I can’t think of a subheading

Syndication: The Oklahoman Bryan Terry/The Oklahoman / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NCAA absolutely sucks.

The logic behind their decision to deny Oklahoma State’s appeal and declare them ineligible for the 2022 NCAA Tournament (and per conference rules, the Big 12 Tournament) makes no sense whatsoever.

According to Matt Norlander, Oklahoma State’s postseason ban “is believed to be the first in NCAA history wherein a school has received a ban without being assessed one of these five major violations: head coach responsibility charge; lack of institutional control; failure to monitor; any recruiting violation; academic fraud.”

On what earth does that much sense? South Carolina, who was also involved with Lamont Evans have received much less severe punishment. One less year of probation, a self-imposed fine of 5,000 less than OSU, and no postseason ban. Mike Boynton said during the press conference with Athletic Director Chad Weiberg, that one player got paid $300! That’s it.

I would encourage any and everyone who hasn’t seen the press conference today with Mike Boynton and Chad Weiberg to do so. Both men do not mince words when talking about the NCAA here.

Oklahoma State did everything they could to cooperate with the NCAA even meeting with them before a Bedlam game & on the day of a game at Kansas and it doesn’t mean jack squat.

This is without a doubt shameful what the NCAA has done. Forcing kids who were in middle school and high school and it isn’t just Stillwater folks saying it. Many members of the national media have said it too.

If Oklahoma State got a $300 violation and a postseason ban. Surely other programs involved in the scandal will receive some major punishment...

Nope. Just Oklahoma State with their postseason ban.

The NCAA has shown a clear abuse of power and lack of logic in this situation and in the words of Mike Gundy during his infamous “I’m 40” rant... It makes me want to puke.

Screw the NCAA.