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Know Your Enemy: Baylor Bears (Big 12 Championships edition)

We checked in with mattisbear to get a look at the Bears ahead of Saturday’s matchup in AT&T Stadium

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

mattisbear is the host of the Between Two Bears podcast and Managing Editor of Our Daily Bears our SB Nation sister site covering Baylor.

CRFF: Who actually starts at QB for Baylor of Saturday and how does that impact BU?

ODB: It’s hard for me to see Gerry Bohanon not playing last week and then recovering enough to play this week. A hamstring is a slow rehab process. I would say there is an 85% chance Shapen starts and plays the whole game.

CRFF: What will Baylor do differently against OSU this time than they did the last?

ODB:It would certainly help to get literally any points off of turnovers. Spencer Sanders threw 3 interceptions last time around, and Baylor couldn’t take advantage.

From a schematic standpoint, if I’m Jeff Grimes, I’m letting it fly over the top a few times early in the game. You aren’t going to see a ton of success running wide the entire game. This Oklahoma State defense is way too disciplined and fast.

Bomb over the top. Survive against the run while on defense. Take advantage of the gifts Sanders Clause will deliver to you inevitably at points during the game.

CRFF: Terrel Bernard didn’t play the last time these two teams faced off. What kind of impact will he have on Saturday?

ODB: It always helps to have your All-Big 12 Linebacker against a workhorse like Jaylen Warren. In October, Warren was asked to carry the ball THIRTY SIX TIMES. I think that number will be less, if not significantly less, than that. Bernard is a threat in all phases of that defense and I’d expect the rest of the defense to play better because of him.

CRFF: Did the Big 12 get Coach of the Year right?

ODB: I understand why they chose Gundy. I’m in all honesty not MAD about it. But no, they didn’t get it right. 2-7 to the Championship Game is the kind of performance that wins that award literally every year.

CRFF: Who wins on Saturday?

ODB: It’s really hard to beat a team twice. If Baylor takes care of the ball, capitalizes on mistakes, and limits the run, you’re looking at Baylor winning this game by 4-10. It won’t be pretty. Nobody will be relaxed on either side of AT&T stadium.