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Knowles to become Ohio State’s Defensive Coordinator

Knowles will begin his tenure in Columbus on January 2nd, following the Fiesta Bowl.


The day Oklahoma State fans were dreading has arrived.

Per a press release from Ohio State, Jim Knowles has accepted an offer from The Buckeyes to become their defensive coordinator effective January 2nd. The day after both Oklahoma State and Ohio State’s bowl games coincidentally.

In the four years, the 2021 Broyles Award nominee has been in Stillwater, the defense has continuously approved. Including being a massive part of this year’s 11-2 season. Not allowing more than 24 points on the defensive side of the ball. Ranking third in total yards, first in the nation with sacks and fourth in yards allowed per play.

Oklahoma State will now be searching for a defensive coordinator for the first time since 2017 when Glenn Spencer was fired after nine years with the program, four of them as the defensive coordinator.

Jim Knowles is expected to make around $2 million at Ohio State. The amount of years on the Ohio State contract is unknown. According to Marshall Levenson, Oklahoma State was only able to offer Jim Knowles a 5-year, 1.3 million dollar per year contract.

Knowles, who is from Philadelphia, opted to be closer to family and take over an iconic program at Ohio State, who is heading to the Rose Bowl this year after going 11-2 as well. Knowles will have his work cut out for him as Ohio State had 366.6 yards allowed this year, 52nd in the nation, along with allowing enough passing yards per game which puts him at 98th in the country.