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High Noon Highlights(2/1): Scouting Report on Teven Jenkins

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

Kansas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Teven Jenkins gets scouted:

With the draft just a few months away, more and more scouting reports are getting released on the daily. This weekend Brandon Thron of the Trench Warfare newsletter gave his thoughts on the different offensive lineman in this year’s draft. This included Oklahoma State’s own Teven Jenkins.

Jenkins has a phenomenal backside cut-off showing very good quickness out of his stance to intersect the off-ball linebacker and drive him across the field on the angle he found him on (1 of the ‘5 plays’ below). Jenkins also used the same Hamilton technique that he did in pass protection early in the game on an angle-drive block to get underneath the defender and create displacement. He fell off another angle-drive block against Mathis when the DE went inside then spun back out, leaving Jenkins off-balance. {Trence Warfare}

Interview with Dillon Stoner:

Here we have some more fantastic pre-draft content. This is an interview with formere Oklahoma State wide receiver Dillon Stoner. He chatted with Cover1 about his days at Oklahoma State, his high school recruitment and they got to talk about some of Stoner’s film clips. This was a great segment.

“I can’t imagine it going much better for me. It was great and I was surrounded by a lot of great coaches and great guys so I couldn’t have enjoyed my high school experience any more than I did.”

Russ jumped in after this and asked Stoner if he was recruited for track out of high school and if he ever considered doing it in college:

“Not as much. I think everyone knew I was really focused on football and that was what I wanted to do. Track I had a very love-hate relationship with it. Looking back and it was fun but I don’t miss it quite…. at all really. I don’t miss it at all (laughs).” {Cover1}

Where does Oklahoma State fall among programs with Top-25 wins?:

24/7 Sports created a list of the programs with the most win against teams inside the top-25. Oklahoma State surprisingly landed on the list. Mike Gundy’s program has 25 wins against top-25 teams within the last decade.

Oklahoma State may not have quite the national recognition as some of the other teams on this list, but Mike Gundy has certainly fostered a culture of consistency in his 16 seasons and counting in Stillwater. The Cowboys’ 2011 season saw the program beat five ranked opponents on the way to narrowly missing out on the BCS National Championship Game. {24/7 Sports}

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