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High Noon Highlights (2/11): Draft Profile on Tylan Wallace

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

Texas Tech v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It’s high noon...

Tylan Wallace Draft Profile:

Former Oklahoma State wide receiver Tylan Wallace is currently prepping for the 2021 NFL Draft. Pregame wrote about Tylan as part of their draft profile series. He writes about Tylan’s big play ability.

To sum it all up, he can ball. I have a couple of spots that I think he can go, and excel is to the Ravens and the Packers. Both have amazing coaches with the type of offense to get the most out of him. He can hold his own and block any cornerback and should excel in John Harbaugh’s offense. His 50/50 ball skill will enable Lamar Jackson to take a few more deep shots and not be pinpoint accurate. I would love to see Aaron Rodgers work with him as well. Rodgers loves the deep ball, and I think will put him in the best positions to get the most out of him and compliment Davante Adams perfectly. They will finally have an actual number 2 weapon on the outside and at a team-friendly price. Any team can use him, but these two teams make the most sense to me {Pregame}

Oklahoma State Baseball projected in field of 64:

Baseball America released their first predictions for the NCAA Baseball tournament. While this season is going to be a bit strange, however, projections are still fun to look at and talk about. Oklahoma State found itself in the Florida regional with the Florida Gators hosting. Florida is generally an excellent program. However the rest of the field seems pretty easy. You’ve got Alabama State and Stetson. Stetson might also prove to be a challenge though.

In such a strange season, RPI, one of the key metrics used by the selection committee, will not function normally. Computer metrics will be unable to judge Big Ten teams and any others that play conference-only schedules. Fewer non-conference games overall will mean less accurate measurements. That could lead the committee to lean more heavily on its regional advisory committees, which are made up of coaches who are responsible for ranking teams in their area. But with coaches getting less opportunities to see teams in non-conference settings, even those will be adversely affected. {Baseball America}

Doug Gottlieb Show:

Fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb talked about Cade Cunningham. He gave his thoughts on what he’s seen from him and his relationship with the team.

“I think he’s one of probably three guys all playing in college that could be the number one overall pick,” Gottlieb said. “But Cade is really interesting. Obviously having his brother as an assistant coach is a great way to get a really good player. But the interaction between the brothers is fascinating to me. “ {All Ball Podcast}

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