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Short Pour Saloon: Draft Talk With NFL Agent Luke McMurtrey

Joel and Phillip have a great guest this week!

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In this episode, it’s all about the Cowboys in the NFL Draft this weekend! Joel and Phillip are joined by NFL Agent (and OSU Alum) Luke McMurtrey. They talk about players' brands, what kind of careers they see from the Oklahoma State guys. In addition, they also chat about what Jim Knowles has been able to do with Oklahoma State defense.

They discussed legends weekend and how they help with recruiting. Why Oklahoma State needs to do better about the relationships they have with former players. They ended the conversation with what this weekend will be like for Luke as someone who represents players. And what happens to the guys that might not get drafted. It was fun to get a bit of a different perspective and he gives some great insight into what the weekend might bring.

We can’t thank Luke enough for coming on the show! You can follow him on Twitter @lukemcmurtrey.