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High (After) Noon Highlights (4/7): O’Brate Stadium wins best ballpark of 2021

Welcome to High Noon Highlights your place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond!

It’s high(after) noon,,,

O’Brate wins best ballpark:

Oklahoma State fans, you did it. You voted and O’Brate officially took the title of best ballpark 2021 according to a poll ran by Ballpark Digest.

“Thank you to all the fans that voted for O’Brate Stadium and all those who make college baseball so great! We look forward to the day when we can open our doors to everyone who wants to come take in a game at O’Brate Stadium and enjoy the sights and sounds of college baseball in this wonderful facility,” said OSU head coach Josh Holliday. “There are so many wonderful venues across the country, and with more and more programs upgrading their facilities, the pride and fan involvement on each campus will only grow.”{Ballpark Digest}

New Softball Stadium:

Head softball coach Kenny Gajewski talked with reporters and spilled that he and AD Mike Holder have had the initial conversation to start planning a new softball stadium.

“Coach Holder and I have really done a lot of work to get some things going on this stadium, and we’re going to,” Gajewski said. “We’re going to build a new stadium.”

Gajewski said that he and Holder, as well as incoming athletic director Chad Weiberg have had serious talks the past few months about a new stadium.

Gajewski said he doesn’t want the Cowgirls home to leave the corner of Duck and McElroy, but with the vacant Allie P. Reynolds next to it, he said the opportunity to build a larger stadium without having to move locations is possible. {O’Colly}

Master’s week fits for Viktor Hovland:

It’s golf’s most important week. And if there’s anything that fans are looking forward to more than the swings on the course, it’s the outfits. Former Oklahoma State golfer Viktor Hovland is out here delivering.

He is giving us a piece of orange every day and you love to see it.

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Song of the Day: