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Homefield’s Vintage Pokes Collection AVAILABLE NOW!


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The day has finally come. Vintage collegiate brand Homefield has launched their highly anticipated Oklahoma State collection, and it does not disappoint.

Whether you’re looking for a vintage Pete design or even a Pistol Patty, Homefield’s got you covered with incredibly comfortable tees and sweatshirts.

We’re so excited that the good brand ,as Twitter affectionally calls them, has graced us with new Oklahoma State gear. These guys spend so much time and effort designing the perfect gear for you. Get ready to find you’re new favorite sweatshirt. We’ve been fans of them for a long time and are happy that we no longer have to buy apparel for random universities anymore now that they have Oklahoma State in the line up (Yes I own a George Washington University t-shirt don’t ask when you get this gear you’ll understand.)

Shop the OSU collection now, and be a part of the Homefield Magic.