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Still hate Baylor, Texas is stupid, who cares about Kansas. Yep, pretty much the same deal as prior seasons.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we are….

After last season’s Covid-induced roster and schedule fiascos, we are finally back to normal.


If you think there aren’t going to be roster issues this season, think again. Covid is still out there, players will still test positive vaccinated or not, and quarantining will occur. Prepare accordingly, as conferences are taking a harder line this season should there be the need to forego a game due to Covid-related roster depletion.

As for football, this could be Texas and OU’s last hurrah as members of the Big 12. The Sooners will be just fine in the SEC, can’t wait for the Longhorns to fight it out with aTm for the title of “Most Arrogant D1 Football Program Most Likely to Waste the Most Money and Talent Fielding Mediocre Teams.”

As for Bedlam, well, if you look back over the past 10 years Oklahoma State would have multiple Big 12 titles had it NOT been for our inability to beat Oklahoma, so fine with me if that ceases to be a conference matchup. Whether that continues on an annual basis means a little more, but meh, whatever.

That being said, LET’S GET TO SOME FOOTBALL GAMES. The lineup is not completely devoid of duds…..

South Dakota at Kansas (Friday, 9/3 @ 8pm, ESPN+)
KU -14.0
O/U 56


#2 Oklahoma at Tulane…kind of (12pm ET, ABC)
OU -31.5
O/U 69

IF I was a betting man I wouldn't wager on ANY game on the first weekend of action. Too many questions regarding rosters, first game silliness, etc.

This game already has weird written all over it as it was originally supposed to be at Tulane, but due to Hurricane Ida the game was moved to Norman. However, Tulane will retain the status as the home team, only the lower bowl of Owen Field will be used, and the Green Wave will get the ticket proceeds as the home team. It's the least the Sooners could do given this is what will likely happen on Saturday in Norman…

Stanford at Kansas State (12pm ET, FS1)
KState -3.0
O/U 53

This has the makings of a snoozefest. KState generally does the exact opposite of what we expect in these early games. If they were playing North Dakota State or James Madison they might lose, but since it's another P5 team (see Mississippi State in 2019), I think they grind this one out. This should have been the year Chris Kleiman proves whether or not he is Bill Snyder 2.0, but Covid should buy him another season baring a complete collapse.

West Virginia at Maryland (3:30pm ET, ESPN)
WV -3.0
O/U 57

I wouldn't bet on early games, but this O/U seems low. Definitely one of the better game offerings of the opening weekend for the Big 12. Maryland is about to find out the Mountaineers are NOT the Longhorns.

Northern Iowa at #7 Iowa State (4:30pm ET, ESPN+)
No line or O/U on ESPN at time of writing…

Cyclones come in with a Top Ten ranking and should definitely be favored given all the hype with Brock "He sure is" Purdy returning. Intriguing as Iowa State has a tendency to lay eggs in opening season games and Northern Iowa can be troublesome. Wouldn't break my heart at all if Ames is sad Saturday night.

Louisiana at Texas (4:30pm ET, FOX)
Texas -8.0
O/U 58

I would LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV to see Bevo served up Cajun style.

Texas Tech at Houston (7pm ET, ESPN)
Tech -1.0
O/U 64

In a preview of potential future conference opponents, I wouldn't touch the Red Raiders with your ten foot pole.

Baylor at Texas State (7pm ET, ESPN+)
Baylor -13.5
O/U 53

F**k Baylor. Every single game of theirs should be limited to the Longhorn Network.

Duquesne at TCU (8pm ET, ESPN+)
No line or O/U on ESPN at time of writing

I don't think there is a team in the Big 12 with more question marks than TCU. This game won't answer any of those questions.

Missouri State at Oklahoma State (7pm ET, ESPN+)
No line or O/U on ESPN at time of writing

Gundy opened his mouth, so I'm expecting at least 50 points. The offensive line needs to look dominant. The starting defense should pitch a shutout. Outside of that the only insight gained would be from a horrible performance. Do what is expected and get out healthy.

I'm sooooo happy college football is back.