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COWBOY FOOTBALL: Oklahoma State 23, Missouri State 16

How do you define “embarrassing?”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 Missouri State at Oklahoma State Photo by David Stacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

That was, without question, THE most embarrassing performance since Gundy’s first game as a head coach at Oklahoma State.

The Cowboys scored quickly and it appeared this would be the snoozefest blowout we all expected. Unfortunately I tweeted this earlier in the day and, well, the football gods took notice...

Then something funny happened on the way to that easy win over an FCS opponent.


That’s what we watched. Incompetence on every level of offensive coaching imaginable.

I don’t care that Spencer Sanders was out. His presence doesn’t change the play-calling or the blocking schemes. This football team, at least on the offensive side, looked utterly unorganized and unprepared.

Out of 14 possessions (not counting the end of game kneel down), they managed just four scores, and only two of those came on sustained drives that started on their end of the field. Take away the two turnovers that gave OSU short fields and the drive chart looks like this:

  • TD
  • Punt (3 & Out)
  • TD
  • Turnover on Downs
  • INT
  • Punt
  • Fumble
  • Punt (3 & Out)
  • Punt (3 & Out)
  • Punt (4 plays)
  • Punt (3 & Out)
  • Punt (3 & Out)

For Gundy to trot out the statement that “this team is gonna score points” is laughable. Nothing about what we just watched is going to light up any scoreboards any time soon. I don’t care if that was the defending national champion FCS team (well, actually I do, cuz they would have lost to that team), Oklahoma State should walk away with an easy win where the starters get at least the 4th quarter off.

The offensive line is atrocious and if it wasn’t for 2014 it would be the worst of the Gundy era. The running game shows no imagination or flare, and the two pass plays called on that last drive when OSU had a chance to ice the game were a borderline fireable offense.

Missouri State had seven more first downs (23-16), won the TOP battle (35:30 - 24:30), and ran 15 more plays (83-68). For the Bearcats to have the ball on the Oklahoma State 28 yard line with time running out and a chance to tie or win the game is criminal. They outgained OSU on the ground 102-54.

I really don’t have much else to say in a moment where I’m frankly pissed off that I have to waste my time talking about that excuse of a football game. I mean here I am watching my beloved team struggle, and when Brown muffed that last kickoff return I started laughing...not in a sad way, but in a mockingly “Hey, this would actually be incredibly funny if they lost” kind of way. Like, I’m still chuckling at how comical that all was.

I understand it’s the first weekend and lots of other teams had crappy starts and close calls, but I saw enough to be truly concerned for what the rest of the season holds in store for the Cowboys.

Time to take some Zzzquil and sleep this one off. See you next week for Tulsa.