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The Oklahoma State Athletics Gif Bracket

Who doesn’t love a good bracket in March?

With the official Men’s and Women’s March Madness brackets out, it makes it bracket season. All across the country websites, social accounts, and companies will put out their own unique and creative “brackets.”

Here at CRFF, we’re not above jumping on a bandwagon, so we decided it was high time we got in on the action. But how to make ours unique?

Well, the Oklahoma State Men’s Basketball account tweeted out the iconic Mike Boynton yelling gif that was born from Cade Cunningham’s commitment after landing a commitment from class of 2023 sharp-shooter Parker Friedrichsen. Thus was born our idea; the Oklahoma State Gif Bracket.

We put together the 16 best Oklahoma State athletics gifs we could think of and using a very scientific formula (cough cough slack chat cough) ranked them from one to 16.

We will post the match-ups on Twitter for you to vote there and

1 - Mike Boynton Yelling

Yes, there are a lot of great gifs, but this one that came about because of Oklahoma State’s first No. 1 ranked recruit and eventual No. 1 NBA pick committing to Oklahoma State is so good, you can feel the energy emanating from it.

16 - Pistol Pete Upside Down

With that head? This was an impressive move.

8 - Utter Disbelief

Every fan base has a moment like this caught on camera. If anyone knows who this girl is, we need a Nicole Auerback-style “where are they now” interview.

9 - Barry Sanders Pistols Firing

It’s Barry Sanders. Doing Pistols Firing. What more do we need to say?

5 - Gundy’s “Are You Not Entertained”

The most up and down Oklahoma State football team was about to beat Texas in Stillwater. Gundy’s reaction to the crowd after a kerfuffle with then Longhorn head coach Tom Herman led to one of the most iconic Gundy moments.

12 - Sam Show Bat Flip

In the Women’s College World Series. Against the Florida Pitcher who said she didn’t like bat flips. With aggression. That’ll do.

4 - Corso Shotgun

Oklahoma State was hosting undefeated No. 3 Baylor. Marcus Smart was the guest picker. Lee Corso donned the Pistol Pete head and fired the shot heard around Gameday. Poor Kirk.

13 - Mike Gundy Fidget Spinner

Honestly, some of Gundy’s best moments are the ones where he doesn’t say a thing.

6 - Turkey Leg

A sad or bored Pokes fan waves his Turkey Leg during the waving wheat song. Perfect visual for how some fans feel about the Oklahoma State tradition.

11 - Bryce Petty Turf Monster

The moment is better than the gif. But the fact that it was immortalized in a quick and easy to use video format is perfect.

3 - Marcus Smart Backflip

HE BACKFLIPPED OVER THE JAYHAWK LOGO. I do wish someone would remake this one with better quality though.

14 - Confused Fan

I’m not sure what this kid was confused by. Knowing the Big 12 refs, it was probably something they did.

No. 7 - Mack Brown Screaming

Oklahoma State ended the first half of their 2013 game at Texas with a pick-six in what would eventually be – at the time – the biggest margin of defeat for the Longhorns inside their own home. Folks, this remains my (Phillip) personal favorite Oklahoma State gif.

10 - Herbstreit Earthquake Eyes

Honestly, the photo is more iconic than the gif, but actually seeing his eyes slowly grow is fantastic.

2 - Mike Gundy Dancing

The original Oklahoma State commit gif, and THE original locker room celebratory dance. This is as iconic to OSU football now as Pistol Pete and Bullet. Plus, it’s always a sign of good news.

15 - Thurman Thomas Cabbage Patch

Breaking down the dance move after getting added to the ring of honor.

If we missed one you think should have made the cut, let us know in the comments.

We will begin posting the competition on Twitter on Thursday morning!