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Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma: Bedlam, As Told By Sooner Fans

Oh the heartbreak of Bedlam through Oklahoma's eyes. The anger, so much anger. Buckle up, because this is going to be a long one! Go Pokes!

Brett Deering/Getty Images

What an incredible finish! Midway through the fourth quarter things looked bleak for Oklahoma State. The Cowboys trailed 35 - 21. The Pokes were down, but not out. After narrowing the gap to just one score, the Cowboys forced the Sooners to punt, and well, we all know how that turned out!

I don't know if I'll ever get tired of watching that!

Bedlam left me near speechless, but you know who had plenty to say? Sooner fans, and I'm not sure I could tell the story of the game any better than they did.  Here's the best comments from the game thread. Oh the misery, the sweet, sweet misery!


Here we go

We're getting the football first.

Let's get this on! BOOMER!


Cody Thomas looks like Leonardo DiCaprio

LOL. #1 wanted no part of tackling Perine.

Bell got away with a hold I think.

This is the power running team OU should have been all season

Where the Hell has that Direct Snap to Optimus been all season?

Where is this play calling coming from?


I smell asswhippin in the air

Hot knife through butter. This is going to be a good day.

All we needed all year was a QB Heupel actually knows can't throw.

Jamming it down their throat!!!!!

Wow. This looks like Blowout City. Has the Aggie team picked up on whatever funk is going on with their coach?

That drive was so purrty I got tears running down my cheeks.

Samaje Perine may have a go at his record.


**** this Rudolph kid up!

Piss poor tackling are you kidding me.

Does the D know how to tackle? We are gonna let them drive and score.

OSU seems to know we suck at pass defense.

JESUS a loss turned into a 7 yard gain.

Looks like our defense isn't having any mayonnaise today...

Are we afraid to touch him? Striker and Alexander literally just ran away from him on back to back plays.

For the love of God, tackle someone defense.

We need some seriously big D here.

Is not the size of the D, it's how you scheme it.

Pathetic. Just let them drive right down and score. So long momentum. This D needs to check itself. They have no clue what to do apart from 2 plays.

Every team we've played's intro video next year will be full of highlights of their team's offense playing us.

Wow that was way too easy for the Pukes.

Oh good grief.

Aaaaand now Shep is one and done. Sweet.

Oh good, 3 and out, now we get to see the D.

OSU might make it a game...

TE open AGAIN This is pathetic.

What a cluster **** this defense is.

POP passing the [poop] out of us.

They gonna kill us with their TE. See that Josh and Mike.

Yurcich should be smacked silly for ever running the ball against this defense.

That had to hurt.

OSU fans probably screaming targeting.

3rd and long? They have us right where they want us.

That's the hardest hit we have put on a QB since Tennessee

Wow we actually had him covered!


Perine is our best runner... lets play someone else.

OSU defense is waaaayyy better than OU. We are in trouble.

Ughhhhhh what?

This is pathetic. One of the worst D-Lines in the b12 and we cant run against them.

Good playcall. Great execution.

That's a heck of a play call on 3rd down

OMG Did we just throw it to a TE?


Cowboy Killer

That was Cody Thomas's best throw ever.

Lets go

Go away Toby Keith.

We need to put a boot in their ass right now.

OU OL having problems blocking the OSU DT's.

Smallwood? He exists? And probably uncatchable, lol Pokes.

If we cant run it in from the 2, we have problems.

PI. nice. stupid ****ing aggies.

First and goal again. Can we just go under center and run it in.

OSU fans everywhere are crying about the refs cheating them again.

How many goal line plays can we get here?

We're gunna have 8 downs and we can't get it in the ****ing endzone.

Just run Belldozer!

Ugly. But, yay!

Big Rip. Love that dude.

That was exhausting.

It only takes Heupel 8 plays to give the ball to the FB.

Unfortunately, this means our defense now has to go on the field.

Their D line is playing well but they will be jell-O by the fourth quarter.

Thomas never had a clue the ball was in the air.

That dudes grill was ****ed

Great, show the Sooner fan that's never been to the dentist.

Why do they always have to find some gump in the stands with rotten teeth and show him to the entire nation?

Well, they could've just shown Toby Keith again...

That will be some OSU fan's avatar.

****ing pokes are gonna show that a gif of that toothless guy to their grandchildren... We'll never ever heard the end of it.

Get a stop and we can't get a stop.

How hard is it to recruit some decent linebackers?

There's those 10 yard cushions that are so effective.


There's amhad thomas getting burnt again. I dont care that his shoe came off, he was already burnt.

Wow he didn't even need a shoe to get that TD.

Our defense is playing like they want their coach fired...

Rudolph is really good.

I swear this defense gives up more answering scores by the other team than any I've seen.

Maybe OU's offense looks great in practice because they go against OU's defense.

Great PA system we have.

Finally getting a push up the middle again.


Game is setting up like the 2012 game.

I don't know if my heart can take another one like that.

That a baby Perine!

If Joe Mixon is better than Perine then we wont even need to throw the ball next year..

Well now it's time for our defense to give it up.

This is what happens when you go head to head for players with Utah ST, New Mexico, SMU, Kansas.

We're so lucky osu can't catch half the time.

Mike Gundy is an idiot. To allow any play but a pass to #7s man is completely retarded.

Are we due for our annual Bedlam punt return for a touchdown?

There ya go D show some pride!!

3 and out!

That can't be right, we never force 3 and outs.

Geez Mike Gundy looks pilled out...

Nice catch by Bell.

What a catch!

Bell will be sorely missed!


Incredible effort by RIP!

Ripkowski says **** you Aggie!!!!!!!

Oklahoma State....OWNED.

I love the smell of fresh touchdowns in the evening.

Does OU ever knock the ball carrier backwards on a tackle?

OSU is the only team in the country who hasn't recovered a fumble. HAHAHAhahaha ****ing idiots.

This is going to be THAT post ten minutes into the third quarter than everyone remembers.

Our defense is softer than baby breath.

There it was again... Great and Coverage used in the same sentence about our D.

HALFTIME (Oklahoma State 14 - Oklahoma 28)

They behind 14-28 at the half and still shit talkin me on Twitter. Smh.

Use the "good. good. let the hate flow through you." response. the idea of beating OU is all they have, and what we do to them every year is the equivalent of taking a kid's Christmas morning treasured toy and smashing it to pieces before its even out of the box.

They act like this is some sort of rivalry..

OSU, please keep running it because we can't cover your WRs.

Their #7 > Our #7

OSU has themselves a QB for a few years! I hope OU is able to find one!

He didn't lose it in the lights, he knew he was about to get plastered.

Has anyone mentioned our secondary is a steaming pile of [poop]...lately?

Great tackling there. Thank gawd it was 3rd and 14.

Sanchez threw the ball at OSU., ****wad move.

Damn u Sanchez!!

Sanchez really is a punk!

Best pass of the year ... Sanchez for QB 2015!

Thomas 8-8

Hes mostly making throws a one arm retarded baby could make.

Nice second effort by Perine.

Good job, guys. Keep the OSU D on the field.

Love this drive. Just grinding OSU out of this one.

Wear them down perine. wear'em down!!

Perine hurt!

LOL....we gave them their first fumble.

Oh [poop].....


Who said the thing about no fumble recoveries?

He is in serious pain...

God hates Oklahoma...

First AD, then Spray Tan, now the one who's not an awful

3rd down. Let's go D!

What's worse. Fox camera guy or ou defense?

Good defense there. OU needs to score and put this away.

They ****ing hurt Perine. Does this mean we can storm stilly with torches and [poop]?

Steal their sheep, same difference.

WTF Thomas....nice start to the drive.

Might be another overtime game.

3 called pass plays in a row...punt!

OSU has the worst punter I've ever seen.

Really don't like the turn this has taken. Mike's defense will not hold for 15 minutes.

Jeez. Thomas is terrible.

Cody Thomas is the worst throwing qb I believe to ever step foot on campus. just run the damn option.

Are our receivers that bad? Is Thomas that bad? or is it a combination of both? This is pathetic.


WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sanchez killed a *****!

Lol. Nice hit

Ohhhhhhh [poop]

About time we actually hurt someone on another team for once, instead of our players being taken out.

His grandkids gonna feel that hit.

Dammit defense!

Sad sad sad

Lol. This D is so horrible.

And Hill is fast...

God, I hate football sometimes.

Sadly this will come down to the end, maybe even overtime.

Never seen a defense here as non-physical and weak as this one.

Lol this defense sucks monkey nuts. Congrats you hit a player but gave up the TD.

Just outrun them. Stop with the slowing and the cuts.

Does Ford have led in his cleats?

Finish this offense.


That was a ballsy playcall right there.

Its funny that we have two players on the field that can play QB: One that can throw the ball OK, the other, not at all. We're playing the one that can throw not at all.

OH, we still have a huge O-line huh? Maybe we shouldn't have pissed down our leg and started passing? My goodness Josh is a moron.

**** yea Ross!

**** yeah, we're showing this 5-6 team who's boss now.

Yea, he was down about 6 inches short of the goal line..

Give it to the BELLDOZER!!!! It is his destiny!


RIP gots 3 TDs. Nice way to finish off his career.


Rip and Bell are the Cowpoke killers.

That was a HUGE score!

Uh oh....OSU fans going to send a tape of Wilson holding their receiver.

They are punting??? Lol.

We needed that stop so bad.

When their blatant holds are missed, our secondary is as good as any.

No flag, no penalty! What's this [poop] with OSU winning 18?

At this point, just run the damn ball every down, and stay in bounds.

Dude, they need to just can the "One True Champion" commercials.

Too much dancing. Just turn upfield.

Well this drive sucks. Why don't we take a knee 3 times.

Now that they are running out of time, OSU gonna realize all they gotta do is throw...  BOOM there it is.


Jesus Christ.

**** you Mike Stoops. Seriously.

I wish we had a quarterback that can do that.

If offense had not ran the ball so well, we'd be blown out at home.

Gotta get points here, we couldn't stop Stillwater High School.

Can't go 3 & out.

**** me.

Gee, who didn't see that ****ing coming?

This is embarrassing.



Jesus. Getting a bit worried for the first time now.

OSU puts everyone in the box and what does FUJH do? Runs right into the box...SMFH

**** this ENTIRE staff. Third and three and we run straight into a TEN ****ing man front. **** EVERY SINGLE MOTHER ****ING COACH who has any say in this [poop] show.

Shocking, another failed 3rd and short with the game on the line.

The good thing is this drive may get us a new O and D coordinator next year.

Glad gumby called timeout,maybe we will have some time left on the clock to score.

I'll say it again, we're very lucky they can't catch.

Lucky they dropped the ****ing ball.

Sanchez scared that OSU WR so bad he can't catch [poop].

**** YOU, osu

There is that INT we needed.

**** YES.

That was a ****ing awesome play by Sanchez!!!!!!!

Dirty Sanchez!!!

Sanchez doing the "hands up"

**** YOU osux!!!!

Broke their hearts AGAIN haha!

Ball Game.

Perfect time for a Dirty Sanchez to save the day.

Wtf, why run Ross. Ford is so much more physical.

Can we do something other than running into a damn wall? ANYTHING??

WTF are we doing?!?!

Prevent Offense

OSU should have less than a minute to go about 80 or so depending on the punt.

Just ****ing ridiculous, that we are still sweating this game out ............................................... **** it.

Lmao dumb mother*******!

Aggies gonna aggie.

Fake it.

Under the leg its personal foul is it not?

It's probably a good call. He ran into him.




We are dumb as ****....

**** my life.

That is why you decline the penalty!

Now you fire Bob Stoops

**** it. **** it. **** it.

Another 3 and out.

Jesus ******* christ. that penalty actually killed us.

Nice job to re-kick there. Brilliant.


****. This. Team.

Who coaches special teams? I need to yell at them.


Wouldn't bother me if the whole freaking staff left after this year, pathetic.

No way in hell are we scoring anything, we lose in OT.

Will Honeycutt choke again?

I just want to curl up into the fetal position.


No TO for a hail mary? **** my life.

Holy [poop], they let the time run out? Just ******* stupid.

This is just mind blowing.

OVERTIME (Oklahoma State 35 - Oklahoma 35)

Why the **** are we throwing??

Hope all our recruits are watching the SEC game. If I were one, watching this, I'd be looking around. This staff is an under-prepared pile of [poop].


And 3 straight passes. I predict missed FG.

What is this? Good grief

Yea, we pass three straight ******* times and now have to go for a FG.

Honeycutt will shank this.

This is a **** joke, epic fail of coaching all around.

**** it.

Game over. Wheels come off the whole wagon.

Of course he chokes.

**** me.

Dear Josh Heupel, I hate you. **** you. You have hollowed my soul today.

I have no words.

Which coach is the one who gives zero ***** and is already on his way out the door? I can't tell

We Are Chokelahoma!!!

I ain't even mad.. This is OU football now.

We really are CHOKELAHOMA!!!

I shouldn't be so pissed off over a sporting event but I am right now.

I can't believe I just watched that.

Our ship is burning faster than it can sink....

Wow.....WWLS calling it "the most unbelievably stupid coaching of all time!!!" and they're yelling about it. LOL!!!

**** you Toby Keith. Make another drinking redneck loser song, but this time to the tune of boomer sooner.

Also, **** that **** commie QB that OSU has. Get the **** out of our country you ******* commie!!!

Bob needs to go to Michigan. Now. Immediately.

Looks like we finish this year unranked.


So does this put the final nail in the coffin for us making the playoffs?

**** Tyreek Hill. He's still going to have to serve me dinner at whatever restaurant he works at after next season. I ******* HATE FOOTBALL!!!

LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE, BOB! You made him hate football. Was that your goal, Bob? To make us all hate football.

I really don't like OSU and make fun of them as much as the next guy... but hats off to them. They went in and took advantage of every known weakness we had. They played very smart and like KSU and TCU-- won. Doesn't matter by how much... they embarrassed us.

Really this should have been the 4th loss in a row to OSU.

Bedlam football is actually turning into bedlam here lately. That's not good.

I would feel better if all OSU fans would eat a bag of [poop] and die.

Couldn't even beat that [poopy] osu team. Thanks Bob. Now those ******* are crawling out of their holes and off their sheep. You could have sent them home bowless Bob!

FINAL (Oklahoma State 38 - Oklahoma 35)