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OKLAHOMA STATE BASEBALL: Coach Holliday setting a high bar

And I don't mean just for the players...although he is also doing that...but also for the other coaches at OSU. Cowboy and Cowgirl coaches are a pretty classy group, yet Holliday has managed to elevate that to almost another level.

Matt Brown

If you haven't yet fallen in love with Cowboys baseball and Coach Holliday, take a listen to these three interviews coming out of the recent NCAA baseball regional held in Stillwater that featured OSU advancing to the Super Regional, where they will host UC-Irvine this weekend.

FYI...the volume is low on the first two.

Following the first win over CS-Fullerton (pretty business like):

Following Regional Championship win over CS-Fullerton (start to see the emotion):

Previewing the upcoming Super Regional this weekend with UC-Irvine, who upset the overall #1 seeded Oregon State Beavers (this is my favorite):

You can tell this guy is not just "all in" about baseball, he's drowning in his desire for OSU baseball to be a relevant, big time program once again, and the first class nature he exudes is just tremendous.

I remember being excited about the program when Coach Ward established his dynasty in the 80's.

I have no doubt Coach Holliday can accomplish the same thing.