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Cowboys Reach Win Mark 2,500

Oklahoma State is now one of only 18 programs with 2,500 wins

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Only 17 other programs did what Oklahoma States baseball team did on Saturday afternoon.

The Cowboys beat the Baylor Bears 10-4 on Saturday afternoon at Allie P. Reynolds Stadium, the win ended a three-game skid and marked win No. 2,500 for the program.

It only took 104 seasons for the Cowboys to reach the mark, averaging about 24 wins per year.

Only one other school has reached the mark quicker than the Cowboys as Florida State did it in 68.

OSU coach Josh Holliday was a focal point of 177 of the wins as a player from 1996-1999 and more than 100 wins as coach.

"It tells you the program has been strong for a number of years," Holliday said. "All the people that have come here before that put their blood, sweat and tears in it and all of us now, we all care and want to continue to make this program stand strong, not only in history, but in the future.

"It's a great accomplishment for anyone that's ever been a part of it."

In six and one-third innings pitcher Jon Perrin led the Cowboys (25-12 overall, 9-4 Big 12) to an 8-2 lead.

After Perrin left the game, the Bears (14-23, 4-9) would score two more runs in the eighth, making Perrin the winning pitcher.

Not only did that mean he received his fourth win on the season, but it also meant he was the winner of the big No. 2,500.

He didn't even know.

"I didn't know that, that's awesome, that's a lot of wins," Perrin said. "That just goes to show you how much tradition and history that this program has and I didn't even know that, that's a great honor.

"Hopefully we'll get 2,500 more."

That's all right though because neither did short stop Donnie Walton who said it was "pretty cool," the team is one of few who have reached the special place in history.

The OSU Athletic Department also tweeted this cool picture out.