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A Cowboy Prayer Before Bed

At this point we need help from a higher power

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The news out of the Gallagher Iba offices seems bleak. Yesterday Swaim tweeted we'd see staff changes. I'm not shocked we have not seen any, but, I suggest we call for backup tonight.

Dear (Insert Your Particular deity here, This is a non denominational event)

As I lay me down to sleep

Over Fords head I will not weep

If I rise and he's still here

I'll stop caring about hoops anywhere

We need all your patience to continue tolerating

The fraud in charge of evaluating.

With your help we'll get kids great at playing

and even capable of graduating.

Bring us a man whose values were found

From the years and years Eddie was around.

It could be one of your chosen people

not need be a prayer under a steeple,

with strong defense, and offense sound

we'll turn GIA back into hollowed ground.

Later we might start a fund to pay for the cost of requesting documents from the athletic department under the Freedom of Information Act.

Stay Tuned.