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How To Watch the NCAA Tournament Selection Show Like A Pro

Sunday at 5:00 PM CST Oklahoma State fans everywhere will be glued to their televisions to find out where the Pokes get seeded in the NCAA Tournament. Here's how to watch like a pro!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This was tabbed as a rebuilding year for Oklahoma State going into the season, and a NCAA Tournament bid seemed unlikely. Now, five months later, the Cowboys look to be safely in the big dance.

Keep your expectations at a minimum though. OSU finished 18-13 on the season, but a late season skid has sent their stock tumbling since their fantastic mid-season stretch. Joe Lunardi has the Pokes projected as a 9-seed, but call me crazy here, as an Oklahoma State fan I would almost want a lower (worse) seed in the tournament. Before you flip out, here is my reasoning. If OSU grabs say an 11-seed, they would have to play a better team in a 6-seed in the first round, but then would potentially face a 3-seed in the Round of 32. When the Pokes are hot, they've shown that they can more than knock off a 3 and a 6.

In comparison, if the Pokes are indeed a 9-seed, the Round of 64 would put them against an 8-seed. A more equal opponent in the committee's eyes. However, if the Cowboys were to advance to the next round, they would potentially (a 99.99% chance) face a 1-seed.

Grab some snacks and get comfortable. Most projections hold the Cowboys to being put in the South bracket. If indeed they are, they wouldn't be called until later into the night. So, don't be too worried if you don't see OSU pop up on the screen early.

Who will the Cowboys play, and how far will they have to travel in the first round? Only the people in that small room in Atlanta Georgia will know until tonight.

How To Watch

DATE: Sunday, March 15th, 2015



RADIO: Westwood One Sports

ONLINE STREAMING: You can also stream the show via March Madness Live

FOR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE: You can follow the action on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the CBS Sports App. The March Madness Live App is also a must have for the tournament!

LIVE THREAD: Before the show we will put up a Live Thread, so please come join us, and discuss the selections and seedings live!

PRINTABLE BRACKET: Follow the action at home with this blank printable bracket!