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Basketball world reacts to legendary Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton’s death

Players, colleagues, media and fans showed their love for one of the all-time greats in college basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Sutton, who guided Oklahoma State to two Final Four appearances in 1995 and 2004, died Saturday night in Tulsa. He was 84.

Here’s how the OSU community and college basketball world reacted to the news:

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Dear Coach, thank you. You told us that life was hard, but if we could make it through your practices, we could achieve anything. You were right. You told us that when we play “Oklahoma” or “the Jayhawks” we outta bring a pup tent cause it was war, not for the weak. You were right. Coach you imparted so much wisdom on us, so many simple demands that made us more disciplined men and better teammates, all while giving us the most honest feedback on earth, thank you... it remains an irreplaceable time of growth in all of our lives. Coach you showed us confidence not arrogance. You demanded respect that you have earned and treated us just as you did your own children. Tough but fair.. honest to a fault. Coach, we never forgot to say “I love you” during our phone calls, all of us as teammates still do the same. You brought me personally closer to my dearest of friends, let us represent your (now our) school and gave me the chance to run your team. I personally remain honored, humbled and amazed at what doors simply playing hard for you and my teammates, opened. I cut your grass (and Randall Dickey’s at your rent house)one summer, when you taught me how to use your mower. I had never cut grass before in my life, so you taught me that too... thank you. One more thing Coach, I’m sorry we couldn’t get you your national championship. We all are. The Arkansas guys, the 92 & 94 teams (stacked),the 95 guys, my squad and the 04 team all feel this way. We wanted it for you, for our program, but mostly for you. We played hard, we went to class, we had so much damn fun and let us find ourselves as players and as men. But we are so glad you got into the Naismith Hall of Fame, what we couldn’t finish as a team, finally Springfield recognized. Steve, Sean and Scott lost their dad, and we all lost our 2nd father. Coach, enjoy eternity with Patsy, please send her regards from all her boys down here. With unwavering love and appreciation, Rest In Peace Coach. Loyal and True

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