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BEDLAM 2012: This generation's Bedlam isn't so ugly.


This is a number so many Cowboy fans have come to hate. I've grown up with it. I understand it.

But if you are 23 or younger, you might be more familiar with this number...


OU still owns the advantage, but this is NOT 82-17-7.

If, like me, you started following sometime around your 6th or 7th birthday, 1995 might have been your first Bedlam.

Victories followed in 1997-98.

Then came this...

If you remember any of 2002, you know that Rashaun is still open.

Then, futility.

What was this? OSU had won 5 times in 8 years. You weren't use to this.

You had to wait 9 years for your next taste of Sooner blood. Trust me, that's nothing. When I was your age, I had to walk uphill both......ok, never mind. You wouldn't understand.

But 2011 righted the ship.

That's 6 wins in a 17 year span. That would tie the previously most successful period of Bedlam for OSU...1917-33.

This generation is not used to futility. This generation is not excepting futility.

I'm transferring my membership to this generation.

Travel safe for Bedlam today. Bring some class to Norman.

And bring back a Bedlam victory.